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DC #337: Zane Interview

What started off as a few naughty stories shared with her close friends somehow became a billion dollar empire that firmly cemented Zane as the Queen of Erotica. With a slew of raunchy novels and short story collections, complete with saucy titles like The Heat Seekers, Chocolate Flava and Dear Mr. G-Spot, this self-publishing sensation-turned-New York Times Best Selling author/publisher has proven she isn't bashful about giving her rabid fans the type of unapologetic, sexually-empowering, female-focused fiction they've been starved for in a sea of formulaic chick lit. Zane's books aren't about women finding Mr. Big, her heroines are more concerned with achieving the Big O, two or three in one night if they're lucky, and on their own terms.


This year marks Zane's foray into the world of television. Luke and Jamey caught up with the multitasking mogul who has been busy penning scripts for her new Cinemax prime time soap Zane's Sex Chronicles, based on two of her best-selling books (Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth and Getting' Buck Wild: The Sex Chronicles 2) airing every Friday at midnight. Zane shares with them how the cable network contacted her when they decided they wanted to bring urban erotica to television. She also shares exclusive news about her upcoming telenovela-inspired five-day-a-week soap opera for BET based on her novel Afterburn, as well as plans already in the works to turn yet another of her steamy reads, Addicted, into a major motion picture. It's an interview you won't wanna miss.

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Check out Zane's Sex Chronicles every Friday at Midnight on Cinemax. You can find Zane online at or her brand new social networking site You can also be a part of he always topical discussions the author/entrepreneur has going at her official My Space profile.

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