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BREAKING NEWS: Did Ken "The Show Slayer" Corday Sign John Callahan to a CONTRACT???

Online sources are saying Ken Corday, in his infinite wisdom, signed veteran actor John Callahan (ex-Edmund) to a contract at Days of Our Sinking Ship. This has not been confirmed by the network.


 Okay, riddle me this? If you can't afford to keep your show's own obscenly popular stars, why bring on half a dozen people from other soaps and pay them? I of course realize Callahan probaby costs a fraction of what Deidre Hall or Drake Hogestyn did, but any no-name doof could have played Nicole's doctor or John's shrink. Why hire names like Callahan and Sandra Ferguson?

This has nothing to do with the merits of Callahan, who I adored as Edmund on All My Children or Ferguson, who I enjoyed for years on Another World. This is about the ultimate idiot in charge pouring salt into the wounds of his disgruntled fans. I don't think Corday will understand anything at this point but a full on boycott. Thanks Alistair Crane for the tip!

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