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Carrington Garland Opposite Roscoe Born on Santa Barbara

News of Beverly Garland's (ex-Estelle, Port Charles) passing brought a name back to my mind that I haven't thought about in years– Carrington Garland. According to We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb, the junior Garland— who was my absolute favorite incarnation of Kelly Capwell (sorry Eileen, if it's any consolation you are the one and only Ashley Abbott!)— was the senior Garland's daughter.

For those soap fans who didn't have the absolute privilege of watching Carrington Garland and the rest of the amazing cast of Santa Barbara, the best soap opera ever, I found this clip featuring Garland as Kelly opposite Roscoe Born who played both her true love Robert Barr and Robert's scheming doppelganger Quinn. The clip also features the unforgettable Jed Allan and Judith McConnell as Capwell patriarch and matriarch C.C. and Sophia, in a scene with their trusted housekeeper Rosa (Margarita Cordova); as well as a young pre-Kevin Buchanan Timothy Gibbs as dirty rapist Dash with Roberta Bizeau as sexy grifter Flame and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, General Hospital) and Gordon Thompson as the snarkicilious Julia and Mason.

The story arc had Quinn pretending to be his brother Robert. Robert Barr was Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker)'s childhood sweetheart, He came to town to seek revenge on her for letting him go to jail for a murder he believed she committed.  He accomplished this by seizing control of Capwell Enterprises, her family company, talk about Dirty Sexy Money.

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After almost succeeding in stealing Eden away from Cruz (A Martinez), Robert fell for her lookalike little sister Kelly. Somewhere along the way Quinn replaced Robert, who was later killed by Quinn's accomplice Flame. The plan was for the con artists to rob the Capwell heiress blind. Too bad Quinn fell for Robert's girl, plus Kelly's smart-as-a-whip sister-in-law Julia was on to them. Check out the pacing of these scenes and how the umbrella storyline of Kelly's planned wedding to Robert/Quinn drove story for the entire canvas. As Archie Bunker used to say, those were the days!

 Our thoughts and prayers are with Garland and her family.