Days: "Alice Won't Be Home For Christmas Because She's Afraid She'll Be Paired With Daniel!"

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II think we've figured out why Grandma Horton (Frances Reid) is staying far, far away from Salem this holiday season. She's afraid a certain age-indiscrimenating lothario might want more than a helping of her special donuts this Christmas! This came from Scout, one of our readers, in the comments:


I think I now know why Alice won't be home for Christmas: she's scared silly that they'll pair her with Daniel (Shawn Christian) ! After all, he's been going through the ladies of Salem at a pretty good clip -- no matter their age!


ROTFLMAO Funniest thing I've read all year! Dena Higley you stop blogging and KEEP that Daniel away from my Gran! In all seriousness, we wish the phenomenal Reid well this Christmas.