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Daytime Confidential Down Under

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Welcome one and all, it's time once again to go Down Under, Daytime Confidential style. So without further delay, grab a cuppa and let's go.


Dieter Brummer (ex-Shane Parrish) and Kate Ritchie (ex-Sally Fletcher) have been cast in the second season of Underbelly, which has just completed filming. The first promo can be viewed here.


Congratulations to Bec Hewitt (ex-Hayley) and her husband, tennis sensation Lleyton Hewitt. They became parents again on December 11. Bec gave birth to a boy whom the couple named Cruz. He is the couple's second child, alongside three year old sister Mia.

Congratulations to Kate Ritchie and Grant Denyer who hosted Channel 7's 26th Annual Carols in the Domain for the second year in a row. Filmed in Sydney, the show raises money for the OASIS Youth Support Network - the Salvation Army's response to youth homelessness. Both Kate and Grant did an amazing job and with any luck we might see them for a third year next Christmas.

2009 Preview:

If you have not seen it already, check out the Home and Away 2009 season premier promo here.

Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien), dead or alive? This is the question EVERYONE wants to know and while Home and Away has done "back from the dead" in the past, it's not looking too good for our boy Jack. Constable Holden seems to be dead, but no official word has been said or leaked. Actor Paul O'Brien stated in an interview back in March that his contract with Home and Away was up in October 2008 and he was interested in seeing if they would renew him or not.


So what does that mean? Is there hope? Well, there is always hope. RUMOR has it that Jack was seen filming and is still going to be filming when production restarts next year, but the other thing the RUMORS are saying is that he is finishing up filming as a ghost to just tell Martha goodbye and move on.

Now you might be asking, what else do you know? Well, I want to spin this off into its own post, but for now we will have it here. Home and Away "Cryptic Clues".



What do these cryptic clues mean? Do you want more? If so, sound off in the comments below so we can gauge if people want more or not. Also, credit goes to SpoilerFactory and SummerbayJournal.

That is all for Home and Away, now let's get cozy with some of our Neighbours.

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Following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson and many others, Michala Banas (temporary Libby, 2008) is the Australian face of ProActiv Solution, You can see her ad here

Jason Donovan (ex-Scott Robinson) is hard at work on his first studio album "Let it Be Me", which he says is inspired by the music from the late 1950's and early 1960's. Jason is known for his hits back in the late 1980's titled "Two Broken Hearts", "Nothing Can Divide Us" and his infamous duet with then irlfriend Kylie Minogue (ex-Charlene), "Especially For You".


Actor (& current object of my Ipods replay button)  Dean Geyer, is coming to the USA in persuit of a acting gig, for more information check out Digital Spy's report here.  Dean has just wraped filming his exit story for Neighbours which will be seen in the early part of next year.

2009 Preview:

A return date has been announced for Neighbours. We will be seeing our favorite Network Ten families on January 19th (the same day Home and Away returns on 7).

Fact or Fiction?

Warning: Some of these spoilers have been confirmed, while others are currently just RUMORS. So, if some of these things do not happen don't yell at me.

One young Ramsay Street resident will struggle with mental health issues in the new year.

Zeke has a new love interest (you will never see this one coming!).

One male teen will question his sexuality.

An insider claims nearly the whole crew were nearly in tears following the filming of a scene earlier this month.

One popular couple will call it quits after being forced apart by a mutual enemy.

Steph is set for heartbreak yet again when Max decides he wants custody of Charlie.

What do you think of those? Post your thoughts and theories in the comments.

That wraps up our second trip Down Under. Check out the official sites for Home and Away and Neighbours for more information.