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EastEnders: The Pedophile Storyline Climax

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This year's biggest and most controversial storyline on any soap came to a shocking climax recently.

Before we get to the actual videos, we need a little backstory.

The videos you will be watching are the end of the pedophile/ triangle of Bianca (Patsy Palmer)/ Tony King (Chris Coghill)/ Whitney (Shona McGarty).

Bianca returned to the square earlier this year, with a whole bunch of new children with her. One of those children was 15 year old Whitney Dean. As the year progressed, we saw the arrival of Bianca's boyfriend Tony King, who was released from prison after 'defending' Whitney.

The storyline got controversial when the adult Tony came into Whitney's room and kissed her, and later said how much he has loved her since he first laid eyes on her 12 year old face.

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This storyline is INTENSE, but the acting is nothing short of Emmy worthy.

The first clip takes place on Whitney's 16th birthday, after Whitney told Bianca (her stepmother) that the reason she is upset is Tony.

That is why I enjoy EastEnders and tune into this show day after day. This IS A REAL SOAP, so what do you think? Did this make you want to watch EastEnders? And what did you think of the storyline? Could you ever see this playing out on a US soap? Sound off in the comments and look for the next Daytime Confidential British Invasion later this weekend.

And the climax.