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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.22.08


Can you believe it's almost Christmas? I can not wait for old Kris Kringle, but really, I can not wait for some much needed time off. Remember, GH Spoilers will be taking a small break for the holidays. Until then though, here we go.

Elizabeth and Lucky are coming.
LL2 is being revisited. Sorry Liason and LuSam fans but it's happening. RUMOR has it that Sam and Jason will see Lucky and Liz in a liplock. What does this mean for the JaSam reunion we've been telling you about? Check out the latest Promo.

Now, we SHOULD see some LuSam in the immediate future
and we MAY still get that Matt and Elizabeth test. I'm not a fan of Matt and Liz and it really has very little to do with my Liason Love. Matt should be with the young adult set on the show.

Remember, the Christmas Episode is a stand alone much like Patrick's Turkey Day dream. Spinelli will be spreading the Holiday Cheer. Speaking of Patrick's dream, did you know that Carly was not the original character picked to be Patrick's girlfriend? According to RUMBLINGS, Olivia was supposed to play Patrick's lady but she was swapped out for Carly. Does this mean TPTB like or dislike Lisa Lo Cicero (Olivia)? It appears that they like her as WORD on the street is a contract is not far away for Ms. LoCicero.

Speaking of Olivia and the possibility of her becoming a contract role... Does this mean those Jason RUMORS are true? We've discussed Frons' orders to reunite JaSam but there is also a RUMOR out there that things are to be shaken not stirred to see what sticks. Jason and Olivia APPEAR to be having a liplock and POSSIBLY a date at Jake's.


So many RUMORS about Kate heading out of Port Chuck... Will it happen? I know we have a few Kate fans here at DC, so this news MAY make you very happy. It looks like Kate is sticking around. Those nasty RUMORS? Let's just say they technically were not wrong. Remember, I told you there was a pretty lengthy re-write going on at GH. So what's next for Ms. Howard? Hopefully a return to her roots, the bitchy ones. According to some RUMORS out there, Kate MAY find herself in the middle of a blackmail storyline, one that doesn't let her spill the Dante beans.

Carly and Jax... I mentioned the push and pull coming. Will Kate be involved in this? Kate tries to make it look like she and Jax are still hitting the sheets. Jax puts a stop to Kate's plan and on New Year's Eve, Carly and Jax have a hard time staying away from one another.

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Winifred the new computer gal is hitting town. Is she the one who stole all of Spinelli's files? According to the SPOILERS she is. Will Wini be a love interest for Spin? Possibly. What about Maxie? She'll be jealous but Maxie seems to not be interested in Spinelli romantically so I would GUESS her jealousy will stem from Spinelli not giving Maximista his undivided attention.

Jolu... Will living with Maxie cause problems for the couple? We saw the looks when Johnny and Maxie crossed paths during the night with very little clothing between them. Will we actually get a good love triangle? I doubt it as while GH MAY tease a triangle, they always seem to insert that fourth person to make it a quad.


Jerry Jacks is back but will he only be in Claudia's laptop? RUMORS say no way! Come on, this is Mr. Craig were talking about here, you can't possibly think he's really dead. Claudia is only his first play thing. Jerry SHOULD be going after Sam and Jason next. Is he the new leader of the Russian syndicate in PC? Maybe.

Rebecca... She is for Nikolas. What will happen to Nadine? Who brings Rebecca to Port Charles?

The Hospital Crisis... Still not 100% sure what is going on there. Will Jason be the hero as usual? There are certain people who think only Jason can save the day.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Olivia on contract is a strong possibility but what about Diane? Fans have been saying for a long time to sign Carolyn Hennesy to a contract and it MAY FINALLY happen. Will Steve Burton vacate his hero role? While it MAY not be the only reason the star is considering leaving, Burton is not a fan of the JaSam reunion and that COULD be the final push out the door. Johnny gets another job but he can't seem to stay on the right side of the law.