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Is Bold and Beautiful Gearing up for BROWEN?

We received a message on the tip line that there was quite a commotion recently over at the official message board for The Bold and the Beautiful. Apparently some spoiler pics got out featuring Owen and Bridget (Brandon Beemer and Ashley Jones). Now you know I went over there to try to rat them out, but I couldn't find chiseled hide nor flaxen hair of the suspect snap shots.


Could a Browen pairing be on the horizon? Let's hope so. Beemer is one of the hottest young actors in daytime, plus I'm tired of seeing the talented Jones being written into one snore-inducing storyline after another. I adored her on Y&R as bat shit crazy Tricia's sensible sister Megan and feel with a proper storyline that doesn't have her perenially losing out to her horny Logan relations, Jones could truly take off on B&B. It's time this soap invested in Generation Next much like it's sister soap has.

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