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Spend Christmas with General Hospital

Tune into SOAPnet for a General Hospital marathon of Christmases Past starting at 8pm on December 25th.


At 8pm, we've got one from 1996, where Sonny gets into the holiday spirit by selling Christmas trees (?!?); meanwhile, the newly minted "Jason Morgan" celebrates the day with Lila and Robin, and Jax and Brenda spend the yuletide together. We get to see Lila and Brenda? Cue screams!

At 9pm, it's a 1998 episode featuring classic Lucky and Liz. We're talking Jonathan Jackson as Lucky, so this is back in the day. Speaking of old familiar faces, the hour also features Amber Tamblyn as Emily, and a reading of the Christmas story by (a then still alive) Alan at General Hospital.

At 10pm, we fast forward to 2004 -- where Ric and Alexis are rescued from the woods in enough time to celebrate Kristina's christening with Sonny and Carly. Emily, still alive and now looking like Natalia Livingston, shares Christmas dinner with a jailed Nikolas. It's some classic Nik/Em romance, people!

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