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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I love, love, love the Scorpio-Drakes and everything, every scene, every sentence, every everything. More please. I loved Friday’s episode with Robert meeting Emma, loved Robin asking him to walk her down the aisle and loved the Robert/Luke scene with Mac joining them. Love that Robert acknowledged that Mac was more father to Robin. Loved that Mac was fine with stepping aside for Robert. Loved the five eating dinner at the end, although I did get a laugh out of the fact that this teeny tiny apartment has this ginormous table that fits 5 grown people. Loved it all. I want more please.

Is it evil of me that I’m not sad that Sasha is dead? Talk about an annoying, useless character. Be gone already. Isn’t it amazing what Spinelli can do with that computer? Give him one word from a dying woman and bam, he finds Sam.

As annoyed as I was by sociopath Jerry, I am getting a kick out of him messing with Claudia as he is. A note to Claudia, if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re up to, don’t watch the video in the middle of the living room. Silly girl.

As much as I love me some naked chest Ric (or any Ric at all) and as much as I wanted a ClauRic romance, I’m not in love with how it was done today. Claudia just dragged him upstairs to get him off track regarding the DVD and then when they were done, they spent all their afterglow talking about Sonny. No thanks. Although they did give me the funny line of the day…..

Claudia: “How did you get past Milo?”

Ric: “I gave him a banana”.

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It’s funny on two counts because you can totally see Milo getting distracted by fruit and also because anybody, including Molly, could get past Milo.

I don’t understand Carly’s logic. She rightfully and intelligently got Sonny out of Morgan’s life because he’s too dangerous. Now, because it’s Christmas and she’s all nostalgic and blah, blah, blah, she’s going to let him come around despite the fact that he’s more dangerous now married to Claudia and head of the Zachara’s than he was before.

And have we seen a scene where Carly acknowledges that he married Claudia? I would think her head would have exploded at that news.

Alright, who else thought Jax would invite Kate to join him in Australia? Also, it was an interesting little tidbit that Olivia’s back in Bensonhurst for Christmas. How exactly are they going to explain her reappearance after the holidays?

**Not sure I'll get a chance to post my obs for the rest of the week, so if I don't, Merry Christmas to everyone**