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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 12.23.08 Not much out there this AM but we do have SPOILER pics for you!


It's the Scrubs Wedding on Friday. Finally, a couple can be happy and in love with their child. It's not typical for the angst ridden General Hospital but wonders never do cease. So enjoy it while we have it GH and Scrubs Fans. Luke will be there to see his old pal walk Robin down the aisle.

Robin and Patrick return to GH after their honeymoon. Things don't seem right in Port Chuck as we MAY finally see an end to the Great Drug Caper. Will one of Patrick's patients die? Is Robin seeing things?

Could Robin be seeing Emily? One RUMOR says Rebecca will be that new doctor that has been RUMORED to be coming. This RUMOR says she'll be a medical chemist. Elizabeth will be one of the first people to see Rebecca and she'll react to seeing her dead best friend's dopplehanger.

Lucky and Sam want to make their relationship work. But we all want lots of things and sometimes, you just don't get them. LuSam will try and Sam MAY even turn down Jason's request to help him take down the Russians in favor of Lucky's feelings but in the end Lucky and Sam SHOULD be breaking up. We hear they are re-doing Lucky and Elizabeth. There SHOULD be some family moments for LL2 and the boys.

Jason will check in on Sam at the hospital.
RUMORS had Sam going home with Alexis.

Will Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes return once again?
That's a SPECULATION out there right now and one I am all for. I loved the scenes with Robert, Luke and Mac.

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Hospital Crisis... We're hearing Monica, Nadine and possibly Ric will all be victims of whatever is about to hit GH. Will this "stunt" of Guza's be about the fake meds or something more? It APPEARS that there will be multiple things happening around the hospital and the counterfeit drugs MAY be a small part of this.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading everyday!