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Superman Identity Disorder

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I'm suffering from a bad case of Superman Identity Disorder these days on All My Children. I didn't recognize McKenzie Westmore , what with her wearing glasses and all, as Annie's doctor. Granted, this has more to do with the fact that Annie and Aidan are two of my least favorite AMC characters and all this time being wasted on them is giving my FF finger a workout. However, now that have I realized it is McKenzie hiding behind those glasses I look at her with her glasses on and see a doctor.  Then I imagine her with her glasses off and all of sudden she's Sheridan again. Doctor, Sheridan, doctor, Sheridan, doctor, Sheridan, get the point. This disorder is starting to give me a migraine.


p.s. You know what might have made this story interesting, Kate Collins. If Collins had made a cameo as Janet Dillon, I wouldn't have HAD TO ff through those scenes.

Are you enjoying McKenzie Westmore on All My Children?

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