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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Feliz Navidad everyone! I come bearing the gift of spoilers for The Young and the Restless. Some may like it, some may not but hey its better than the traditional fruitcake right?


Billy/Lily/Cane: Guess Lily's really going all out to prove that she's over Cane because she and Billy hit the sheets! The week really isn't shaping up to be Cane's when he and Lily have a spat about her relationship with Billy. Also, Billy and big brother Cane have a heated confrontation.

Karen/Neil/Tyra: Tyra's deeply in love with Neil and is crushed that he and Karen are getting married. Before the wedding takes place, Olivia tells Tyra that she needs to let Neil know how she feels before its too late. Tyra decides to hold her tongue because she's thinking of the bigger picture, with Neil and Karen married she can get Ana out of foster care. Once married, Neil and Karen can get the green light to become foster parents and have Ana released into their care. For now, Tyra's feelings for Neil are kept on hold so she can focus on Ana's well being. Neil and Karen get hitched at Indigo (of all places!). I'm hoping that they have the reception at Indigo and not the wedding. If they are, I have to speak to Auntie Maria about that.

Jill: She puts a plan into motion to torpedo Jack.

Jack/Sharon: Smilin' Jack ain't doing so much of that these days. He breaks down and bares all to Sharon resulting in her to file divorce papers.

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Phyllis/Sharon: The ladies have another fiery exchange. Meanwhile, Phyllis has a offer for Daniel.

Victoria: She voices some concerns to Victor, who brushes it off. Ashley rubs her former step-daughter the wrong way and gets chewed out by Victoria.

Victor: He returns back to Newman Enterprises.

Katherine: After she gains some of her memory back and knows that she's Katherine Chancellor and not Marge, she fills Murphy in. At first Murph is doubtful, but the grande dame is finally able to get him to believe her. Kay then cajoles Murphy to drop her off at the Chancellor estate where she breaks in! When Jill comes home she meets her newly resurrected mother. Jill has a moment of joy that her mother's alive, but then goes into denial because she knows that she buried her mother and saw her body at the accident scene. Jill decides to ask Kay some questions about herself and she's unable to answer them since she's still a bit fuzzy from taking the fall on the ice. Jill (being Jill) then becomes hostile towards Katherine and thinks Katherine's really Marge trying to benefit off of Kay's death and goes to call the police on her. Katherine attempts to stop Jill and gets a bit physical with her. Once the police arrive, they feel a bit sorry for Kay and thinks she's a harmless sweet old woman and ask Jill if she's sure she wants to have Katherine booked. Jill lets them know she's hell bent on it and fills them in about Marge. When Katherine's at jail the ultimate schemer Gloria sees her and decides to use the situation to her benefit. Gloria lies (what else is new?) to Kay and is able to hustle her into believing that they were good friends. Poor Murphy gets word of Kay's plight and worries about how to get bail money for her release.

Jeff/Gloria: The Bardwells hatch a plan.

Kevin: His moral compass is working overtime these days. Will he decide to do right by it?