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Wishful Casting: AMC and Y&R's Keith Hamilton Cobb as Donna's Bold, Beautiful, Black Baby Daddy

With Owen (Brandon Beemer) mercifully being plucked from  Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Eric "Honey Bear" Forrester (John McCook)'s orbit, to possibly be paired with Bridget (Ashley Jones) on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and her desperately-in-need of lives offspring Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) are going to have to come up with another stud to try to drive a wedge between Eric and his blow-up doll come to life. Enter Donna's black baby daddy.


I commend B&B helmer Brad Bell for trying to make race a non-issue in terms of tying Marcus (Texas Battle) to the canvas, but let's be for real. I don't care how politically correct the Logans and  Forresters may be, a young black man showing up on their doorstep saying California blonde Donna is his mama is going to be a conversation starter. What if Marcus's father arrives in SoCal in the form of Keith Hamilton Cobb?

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Cobb shot to fame opposite Sydney Pennyas starcrossed Noah Keefer and Julia Santos on All My Children, before steaming up the Jabot labs opposite Michelle Staffordon The Young and the Restless as chemist Damon Porter.  What if Damon grew up in the Valley and went to high school with the Logan girls and their creepy dead brother Storm? Maybe he and Creepy Dead Stormy were BFF's and Creepy Dead Stormy got ticked off when he found out Damon was bagging his little sister? What if Damon then went off to college promising Creepy Dead Stormy he would never see Donna again? What if he became a chemist and later ended up in Genoa City making hair care products and perfume for the Newmans and Abbotts, never knowing that he left poor Donna preggers with Marcus?


Eric could bring Damon to L.A. to take over the perfume line Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) created for Forrester Creations, then— shocker of shockers— it would be revealed that Damon knows Donna (gasp!), allowing Gareis to do that half terrified/half constipated thing she does whenever Donna is significanty stunned.  


Once Stephanie and her minions figure out the connection, the fun would begin. It would even kick things up a notch if Damon sparked opposite the woefully-underused Felicia. Then, if Bell ever wants to do a Brian Frons and see if lightening can be caught in a bottle again, he can always bring Penny back as Samantha Kelly, the interior designer she played on B&B. Just a post-Christmas thought or three! Now go spend some money, the economy needs it.