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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, I hope Santa was good to you last week – he’s certainly being kind to us this week; only four episodes of Days of Our Lives to endure! Although in saying that, I think we should get an episode on Thursday as the show is so vomit-inducing it will help with all the New Year’s hangovers LOL! So what’s happening this week? A marriage proposal, a warning or two, and as usual, a bit of forbidden romance all coming your way this week on the Preview from Denial Island (December 29 – January 2).


Who’s going to the chapel and they’re, gonna get married? That’d be EJ and Nicole. Yes, despite a chat from Papa Stefano about the benefits of a pre-nup, EJ forgets every conversation he's ever had with Nicole while organizing her divorce settlement from Victor, and forges ahead in making things really official with her. Nicole, by the way, is getting closer to getting the baby she’s going to pass off as her own. Or is she? Dr. Baker calls her with the news that a baby has become available (sounds like a call back for an appointment or dinner reservation, doesn’t it?), but Nicole has car trouble and misses her window of opportunity; aka the baby’s mother realizes if Nicole can’t be on time, how can she look after a child? Deciding to just come clean to EJ, he gets in first with the marriage proposal. What will Nicole do? Does anyone care?

The Sami and Rafe storyline this week sounds like a rehash of last week, sans the video conference call to Allie and Johnny. If you missed it last week the Days writers have given you a lucky break then, eh?

Chloe decides being bff’s with Nicole isn’t enough. She buddies up with Stephanie and has a little chat with her about Philip and his “ladies man” reputation and the fact that both of them are on the rebound. Has Chloe got her sights set on Philip again? Nah, I think she just wants to make sure Stephanie knows she’s swimming with the sharks with Philip, as opposed to the kiddie pool with Max. Now before you Max fans have a hissy fit, I know Max was a ladies man when he first returned to Salem a few years back, but he’s since been dumbed down to the point where he needs floaties just to step into that kiddie pool, which is funny, because apparently he’s a genius. Anyhoo, when Philip invites Stephanie to ring in the New Year with him at Chez Rouge, she accepts. Melanie overhears and gets jealous (aww boo hoo Melanie). She somehow gets one of the New Year's revelers to spill their drink on Stephanie thus creating some “alone” time with Philip while Stephanie cleans up. Chloe’s warning is in Steph’s mind when she returns from the ladies room; she sees Melanie whispering in Philip’s ear and mistakes it for a kiss. She gets a bit jealous, but Philip reassures her she’s the one that he wants (doo doo doo, honey) and pulls her into a midnight kiss… or two. Wooooo! Steph and Philip, sitting in a tree…. Ok, I’ll stop the singing now, I promise *grins*.

Still at Chez Rouge, Kate and Lucas might have to kiss each other at midnight. They’re waiting for their respective dates, but where are Daniel (who I have to start calling Dr, McFeely, thanks to one of the TFO posters solafidex!) and Chloe? They both happened to be at the pier and bump into each other (but not their uglies, at least not yet *winks*). Chloe has sprained her ankle (awww) so she’s lucky there’s a doctor nearby (that Dr. McFeely, he can do everything can’t he?). Daniel agrees to help her and they almost share a kiss. Instead, Dan’s cell phone rings and interrupts the moment. He takes Chloe to the hospital where they finally remember Kate and Lucas are waiting at Chez Rouge. All’s well that ends well – Daniel and Kate go home together and Lucas brings Chloe back to Chez Rouge to party (anyone wondering where Allie is?). Guess that ankle is not so bad after all.

Also at Chez Rouge (this week’s hotspot for sure) are Marlena and Charlotte. Jawn crashes their girlie New Year's celebration and Charlotte leaves them to it. Jawn doesn’t like Charlotte leaving and Marlena gets offended. Will these two ever see eye-to-eye? They better make it quick, haven’t they only got a few weeks left? Jawn’s also frustrated that his memories haven’t come back yet and Charlotte recommends hypnosis therapy. Didn’t they try that once before when Jawn was first discovered 12 months ago and didn’t he have a bad reaction? Drink the Kool Aid, huh?

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Again, still at Chez Rouge, Max and Chelsea end up there on New Year's Eve as well and for you Max and Chelsea fans, your couple shares a midnight kiss – now for the haters, don’t expect this couple to be over soon, apparently Kenny C’s a self-confessed Chex fan (can someone confirm that's their squish name please?).

In Other, More Boring Storylines:

  • Chloe dishes out more ex-bf advice, except this time she’s warning Brady to be careful of Nicole. Like he needs warning – hello? He’s been with Nicole before! Oh wait… maybe TPTB don’t remember that.
  • Kate wants Lucas and Chloe to move up their wedding date (more like, TPTB at Days are worried there wont be enough time to air it before the show gets put out of its misery and cancelled).
  • Nicole encourages Chloe not to tell Lucas the truth about her feelings for Dr. McFeely.
  • Chloe asks for another doctor to treat her (well, otherwise it takes the fun out of playing doctors and nurses with Daniel later *wink*).

Coming Up Next Week (January 5 - 9):

  • Kate and Daniel break up.
  • Nicole asks Brady to “pretend” to be her fiancé when meeting the pregnant woman, but he refuses.
  • Bo’s visions about Theo being in danger come true.

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Happy New Year! Here's to Days being better in '09! Also, I just want to thank each and everyone of you who have read and/or commented on the Preview from Denial Island in '08 - you rock!