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Daytime Confidential British Invasion

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Welcome one and all to another British Invasion. Father Christmas has departed and was he ever so nice to us, so get ready for all the news from the land of the Queen, because the Invasion continues now.


It was a big Christmas in Hollyoaks as the wedding disaster unfolded and we lost Louise. While some are sad to see her go, we all must move on.


Due to Christmas week very little news came out, but the news that did was interesting.

Hollyoaks hunk Jamie Lomas said he is similar to his character Warren Fox. "Obviously I do not go around killing people, but when acting I think you have to have some sort of similarities to draw from for the character," Lomas explained. "You have to draw something from somewhere - some life experiences. For more on this story click here.

Gemma Merna (Carmel McQueen) has come out saying something that most US soap stars would never say: she wants smaller plot lines in 2009. The actress says she has been on the front burner all year and had a lot of challenging work. She enjoyed it, but she hopes that she will be able to relax a little and Carmel and Calvin can enjoy a little bit of married life. For more on this story click here.

What is coming up?

Calvin and Carmel talk about moving away, Hannah and Matt have a little 'fun', the married couple returns, but broke and homeless. Also, Mercedes gets her test results, is she positive?

For more on Hollyoaks, check out the official site here.


In a "they really studied this?" story of the week, researchers at Derby University monitored the Itv soap for one month and found out that the residents are a bunch of 'depressed drinkers'. 81% of the residents were seen drinking in the afternoon - with alcohol being consumed at home, work or the Woolpack pub. For more on this story click here.

What is coming up?

Daz and Victoria see a body in the lake, Val set's up a toga party for New Years Eve, Marlon learns of Donna's affair and so much more.

Want to know more about Emmerdale? Check out the official site here.

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Veteran character Blanche was 'saved from the axe' as serious discussions were going on about the character's fate. Blanche played by 74-year-old actress Maggie Jones was eventually saved as they found she has alot more to offer the show. For more on this story read here.


Digital Spy has a Interview with Craig Charles (Lloyd Mullaney), in which they discuss his upcoming romance with Rovers landlady Liz McDonald. Read the interview here.

What is coming up?

Well Liz is a tad bit jealous when Danielle kisses Lloyd, an EXPLOSIVE new year and Joe gives Gary a warning. All this and more coming up.

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EastEnders had an amazing Christmas night, with over 19 million viewers tuning into the initial airing and seeing the paternity shocker that changed the Slaters lives forever. Check out the ratings for the top 20 shows that aired on Christmas here.


Check out the official EastEnders website for the big 2008 Quiz! See how much you paid attention to the soap. Check it out here.

What is coming up?

Nick fills Dot in on the past eight years, Amy is missing, but found but by whom?, Also, a new year's goodbye to one of our favorites. All this and more coming up on EastEnders.

So that is this weeks Invasion. Hopefully there will be more news next week, but with that said what did you think of the Christmas week episodes? Were they everything you hoped they would be? Or were you let down? Post your thoughts in the comments.