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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Well, I did get my General Hospital Christmas wish with all the soapy goodness of the Scrubs wedding that I’ve waited so long for over the past two days. I guess that means I’ll have mob coal in my stocking for the rest of the year!

Loved all the Scorpio scenes and especially loved the flashbacks. Robin/Robert, Robin/Mac and Robin/Robert/Anna. Well done, show, well done. I especially loved the last one, with six year old Robin. It amazes me how little Kimberly McCullough has changed over the years.

I loved the Robert/Patrick heart to heart as well. Jason Thompson’s ability to show his emotions as Patrick is really amazing and totally draws me in.

I loved the Patrick/Matt and anything Maxie, although she could have toned down the doom and gloom talk just a smidge. I get where she was going and it was funny, but it got a bit tedious after awhile.

I was not happy with the Sonny/Patrick conversation. The Sonny/Robin one I could live with, as he was a big part of her life back then, but the other one bothered me. It was almost like Patrick needed Sonny’s permission to marry Robin and I just felt that with Mac, Anna and Robert looking out for Robin’s best interest in a parental way, there was no need to have Sonny go there.

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I was glad to see Luke make it, but wondered why Lucky and Nikolas didn’t. They are good friends of Emily’s and Nadine and Layla are co-workers, as is Monica. Also, Elizabeth’s absence was glaring. They should have waited a week before sending Becky Herbst on vacation.

I wasn’t happy with Carly being “involved” in the Scrubs wedding day, in so much as it was Michael’s birthday. I don’t understand how she can sit at her comatose son’s bedside and forgive his father. That basically negates any growth and understanding she may have had when Michael was shot in the first place.

Interesting Sam/Jax, Sam/Lucky/Alexis (although far too brief Alexis) and Sam/Jason scenes.

I am not interested in a Claudia/Sonny hook up and it annoys me that she dismissed Ric’s interest in her.

Back to the best part of the past two days……..introducing……Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Drake! Please show, please let them be happy for longer than a minute.