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General Hospital Spoilers!

Miss Me? Here's the Scoop! 12.30.08


The Jackal gets busted! Spinelli finds himself the subject of a federal investigation and Agent Rayner has Jason's sidekick put behind bars. Is this all just part of Rayner's plan to bring down Sonny Corinthos? Seems to be the case as SPOILERS say Jason must choose, Spinelli or Sonny. Pick Spinelli Jason! And Stone Cold just MAY be choosing to turn against his former friend to save Spin's butt. The Feds want dirt on Sonny and Jason SHOULD be willing to talk to get Spinelli released.

Meet Winnie... the Jackal's should be nemesis and Maxie's reason for getting jealous. Winnie and Spinelli have a lot in common but will he learn she's working for the feds? Will Maxie get a feeling that there is more to this female version of the Jackal? That Maxie is one smart cookie!


Will Maxie finally admit her feelings for Spinelli? That's a RUMOR out there. Is it because of the above mentioned jealousy or the real deal? Maxie and Spinelli kiss!

Robin's Post Partum Depression storyline has not been dropped. It SHOULD be picked back up when the newlyweds return to work. Patrick will be worried about his wife as the newly married docs must learn to balance work and family. Remember that new house they were supposed to be getting? Well it MAY be happening in the new year. Look for Robin to have problems, one where she'll leave Emma with Elizabeth and when patients start kicking the bucket, Patrick is surely going to have his hands full.

What about this hospital crisis that's coming? So many RUMORS, so little time. It SHOULD kick off around January 15th as that is when Ms. Natalia Livingston returns to General Hospital as Rebecca. Is she a doctor as RUMORED? Not sure but we do know she will be in Nikolas' orbit thereby making problems for Nikadine. Whatever is happening at GH, it's being described as a "sweeps like event" that will involve most of the cast. The hospital will be the main stage with the staff at GH being the key players. It's another benefit that has most of the non-hospital cast at the hospital. Remember, the MetroCourt Crisis started with everyone attending a fundraiser. There are SUPPOSED to be deaths coming as well.

The LATEST RUMORS attached to the sweeps-like stunt? One is that everything flashes forward six weeks. We'll see the aftermath and then "go back" to see what happened that led to that point. IF this is the way they're going, the ending of this "arc" SHOULD be right as MARCH SWEEPS kicks off. Other RUMORS... bad drugs play a part as patients die and some Port Chuck residents are in danger after receiving the faulty meds. Is a Quartermaine hurt during the crisis? Tracy is RUMORED to be injured and one of the patients who gets the bad meds.

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What's a Sweeps Stunt or a Sweeps-like stunt without an explosion? No worries, it's also RUMORED to be happening. It's how the benefit guests get injured and recieve the bad medication. Is Robin at fault? Not completely. RUMORS say the PPD stricken mom is off her doctor game and administers the faulty drugs. It's not necessarily Robin's fault the drugs are bad but her PPD has her distracted and not following procedure. Ummm, it's a crisis.... I'm sure Robin won't be the only one cutting corners.

Jax offers Olivia a job. RUMOR has it she accepts. Looks like Olivia is sticking around Port Chuck as RUMORS say Dante is coming. Are TPTB chem testing Jax and Olivia? Oh yet another Sonny cast off sent Jasper Jacks' way.


New Years Black Out. The MetroCourt loses power on New Year's Eve. Carly and Jax spend it together in the MC Restaurant. Luke and Tracy also ring in the new year together. Lulu and Johnny make plans and drop them in favor of spending some time alone. Will Jax and Carly reconnect? RUMOR has it they will but I wouldn't get too excited just yet CarJax fans. This is Guza and he loves the angst.

Liason sharing the screen again? LuSam breaking up? We know Lucky and Sam are over, it's just a matter of time. But what about the Liason scenes? Well as of now it's just a RUMOR but IF it happens, I would guess it has something to do with the hospital crisis. Who ends it between Lucky and Sam? RUMORS say it's Lucky after Sam brings Diane to the PCPD to spring Spinelli. LL2 and Jasam are coming.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Robin is committed because of the PPD. Dante stops checking in on his mom. An aged Michael is RUMORED to be coming and spying on his Uncle Jason as he turns against Sonny. Is Dante a young federal agent? Rebecca Herbst MAY be leaving General Hospital. It's under RANDOM and CRAZY for a reason and as you all know, I'm not one to dish too much on backstage GOSSIP however, this is not the first time I've seen this particular RUMOR. There is some TALK that the actress has thought about leaving and her contract is up for renewal some time this year. Further fueling this fire is Natalia's return and Sarah Brown re-signing for another year. With all of daytime under budget constraints, GH must be needing some cash. Now, you all know I am an Elizabeth fan, so I do not want to see this happen. And, let's not forget that there are deaths RUMORED for the hospital crisis that will most likely free up some cash.

I hope everyone had a nice Holiday and Happy New Year to everyone at DaytimeConfidential! Tune in Friday for more SCOOPS!