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Liason: Against All Odds

Okay, I am taking off my industry insider hat and proudly displaying my fanboy flag. He doesn't get to come out very often these days, since, well, there isn't much on daytime to trigger his appearance. But when it comes to General Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth (Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst) aka Liason, I forget for five minutes about all the behind-the-scenes drama in daytime and am actually allowed to adore a soap opera supercouple in a way I haven't been able to since Jack made love to Jennifer or Sonny left Brenda in the rain.

We all know this rare couple who actually provided "Love in the Afternoon"— even if it was for just a few brief stolen moments, as opposed to three years of front burner pimpology— will never get their due as long as Brian Frons has a say. Luckily, we'll always have You Tube. Here's a vid of Liason set to my all-time favorite, soaptastic song, Phil Collins' "Against All Odds".  Keep strong Liasonites. We won't give up on our couple without one hell of a fight! Thanks Ranae1221 for the clip!

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