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The Best Drunk Scene Ever

By now just about everyone knows how much many members of the Daytime Confidential family love a good soap drunk. This being New Year's Eve and all and with so many folks having a lil drinky drink to toast the the arrival of 2009 (and the end of 2008), I present to you one of the funniest drunk scenes in the history of daytime. I'm sure no one wants to end the Daytime Confidenitial year with Days of Our Lives' Melanie on their minds, therefore consider this clip a gentle mercy, a tonic for the common hair model.

No setup is necessary to understand the scene. Simply delight in the hilarious antics of Phoebe Tyler (the much missed Ruth Warrick) taking Erica (Susan Lucci) to task at the infamous Chataeu. Giggle along with Nina (Taylor Miller), Palmer Courtland's daughter, and thrill to Mona's (Frances Heflin) apopleptic horror at Phoebe's shenanigans while Phoebe's ex-husband and Mona's husband Charles (Hugh Franklin) attempts to calm her down. Melt at Langley's (Louis Edmonds) gentle handling of his drunken wife.

Along with the magnificent clips of Kim Hunter's Nola Madison from Edge of Night posted earlier, this clip is my gift to you, o gentle readers! Happy New Year!

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