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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Seems like revenge and confrontations are on tap in the New Year on The Young and the Restless.


Karen/Tyra: They have a showdown.

Both ladies have Billy on their minds.

It isn't enough for Abby to be a lil' thorn in her parents side, she's also going to create turmoil for Billy and Lily. Sounds like she needs a switch to her tail.

Brad: He bares all (not in the way some are thinking!).

His life is in the balance.

The Newmans have a huge blowout.

Sharon: She decides to pay her former father-in-in-law a visit where she talks about her marriage and ask him what she should do about it. Later on, Sharon stops by Restless Style and bumps into Phyllis where the two have a heated exchange. Afterwards, Sharon goes to see Jack to find out about his sex addiction and the measures he's taken to get help. She finds out that Jack hasn't done anything for his addiction, which makes Sharon force Jack to see a therapist. In the therapy session Jack feigns being addicted to sex, but fails at his facade and leaves the session. He then breaks down and tells Sharon the entire story about the diary when she promptly tells him that she's going to file for divorce.

Seems like Smilin' Jack should be dubbed four-eyed Jack because he'll need it these days. He lets Ashley know that he's going to be back at the reigns at Jabot. At first Ashley is a bit skeptical of it, but then agrees to back her big brother. Not everyone is happy that Jack will return to the family company. Billy is dead set against the idea as well as Victor and Jill. This leads Victor and Jill to join forces to take Jack down and for Jill to get Jabot back. As a portion of the plan with Victor, Jill lies to Jack and says she's all for him being head of the company which Jack believes. In the beginning Jill was hell bent against Ashley and Billy running the company because she didn't think that they had it in them to run Jabot, but now she realizes she was wrong about her youngest son.

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Katherine/Murphy: Fans of this blossoming couple get good news! Even though Murphy's lady love is a billionaire and not a hash-slinger, their budding romance will resume once Katherine proves she is the Chancellor matriarch and returns to her rightful place.

Murphy asks Kevin to bail Katherine out of jail, where he attempts to do the right thing.


Billy/Lilly: The buzz is that these two are one of the couples that is to have a big wedding in 2009.

Amber/Katherine/Nikki: Rumor has it that Kevin tells Amber that Katherine is alive and well. She goes to bail her dear friend out and the two seek out Nikki. Nikki believes that her old friend is really who she says she is.

Rick Forrester is allegedly coming to Genoa City to help his ex Amber out with her clothing line. Word is that this will cause some strife between Daniel and Amber. While Rick's in town, he catches up with Ashley. For some reason not known, Ashley and Amber get into it. Now I'm no Amber fan, but if she tangos with Ashley I'm backing that horse!

Katherine: She will retain her place in the Chancellor family and Chancellor Industries with the aide of her pals, Nikki, Amber and Esther. Once this takes place Jill better watch out because Kay's going to bring down the wrath upon her.

While Nikki's content on being single, Paul wants to have a deeper relationship and the duo start to talk about marriage.

Victor: He starts to rethink the Adam situation. The rumor is that he has Michael working on his case. While he's dealing with that, Victor finds out about Paul and Nikki's relationship and he becomes obsessed with it.