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Will Frances Reid Mow Down Molly Burnett in 2009?

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Could Days of Our Lives' Frances Reid snap and take out a hair model in 2009? TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco has an inkling it might just happen in his Fearless Predictions for 2009. Take a peek at his Days of Our Lives prediction. 


Deidre Hall starts taking painkillers when Molly Burnett (Melanie) wins an outstanding lead actress Emmy pre-nomination. Coincidently, Burnett survives a hit-and-run after someone who looks a lot like Rachel Melvin (Chelsea) was driving by the hair model in an NBC security mobile cart. The soap world is later stunned to learn the culprit was none other than Frances Reid (Alice) and her state-of-the-art scooter. “That bitch stole my Christmas show,” Reid gripes. “That’ll teach her for giving me the evils on the set. I’m Frances Freakin’ Reid, bitches! I worked with MacDonald Freakin’ Carey!”

The Hair Model Association presses charges, but Reid gets off when AFTRA/SAG launch a highly publicized campaign led by Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH). “Hair models must be sent to the back of the bus, or else,” Grahn spews in her best Julia Wainwright legalese.

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