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New Years Resolutions Drinking Game

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I say we start a New Years resolution drinking game for 2009. Here are a few of my suggestions.


All My Children: Watching with one eye open and one eye closed, every time Annie acts crazy, insane, insecure or idiotic, take a shot.

As the World Turns: Whenever Luke and Noah have an intense scene where they are leaning in close to each other and don't kiss, take a shot.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Any time Ridge says "Rick" or Donna calls Eric "Honeybear", take a shot.

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Days of Our Lives: The moment that Melanie walks into a scene for the first time, take a shot.

General Hospital: As a Liason fan, any time Jason and Sam kiss, take a shot. Whenever Claudia wears heels, take a shot.

Guiding Light: This one is for our own Melodie and Nicki who are DC's biggest Cyrus fans. Whenever Cyrus takes off his shirt, take a shot.

One Life to Live: Any time one of Jessica's alternate personality takes over, take a shot.

The Young and the Restless: Everytime Cane looks like a deer caught in the headlights, take a shot.

Now that you've read my ideas for a 2009 New Years resolution drinking game I'd love know what your suggestions might be.