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General Hospital Spoilers!

Happy New Year! Here's the Scoop! 01.02.09


We mentioned The Jackal getting busted and Jason finally turning on Sonny to save Spinelli's behind. What about Winnie? Is she Spinelli's new love interest or will TPTB give the fans what they want, a true Spixie pairing! RUMOR has it, Winnie plants a smooch on our favorite computer genius. Is this the reason for Maxie's jealousy? Maxie has a feeling that all is not right with the female version of Spinelli and she's right! Winnifred is working for the Feds and has turned over the stolen computer files to Agent Rayner. Will Winnie regret it when she gets to know the endearing Damien Spinelli? If you haven't seen Senta Moses (Winnie) in action, she's great! Back to my girl Maxie though... she MAY be jealous and she MAY be throwing herself at Spinelli in hopes of steering him away from Winnie BUT, when Maxie tells Spinelli Winnie has a hidden agenda will there be trouble in Spixie land? Yep! Spinelli is hurt that Maxie can't believe someone would be interested in him.

Is Robin going to add troubles to the hospital crisis? Her Post Partum Depression has her making some mistakes as we mentioned earlier this week. She MAY be giving some patients medication that has not been screened properly and of course the meds Robin hands out are faulty. What else is happening at GH? Injuries, fatalities... good old General Hospital! At least this time it's hospital based and not mobtacular. Who is among the injured? Mixed reports are out there however, here are a few of the names I've seen: Tracy, Nadine, Ric, Olivia, Lulu and Spinelli. What's Lulu doing at GH? She's SUPPOSED to be attending the fundraiser at Nikolas' request but Johnny is RUMORED to not be with her as he will be outside GH desperate to get in and save his girl. How very Jason Morgan of him.

Rebecca's Role... According to RUMORS, Natalia Livingston's new character will play a large part in the hospital crisis. Remember, one RUMOR is that Rebecca is a doctor (just like Emily Quartermaine) who is a medical chemist.

Here they come to Save the Day.... Jason and Sam team up to play Superman and Supergirl. Is Sonny going to protect Claudia? Jax as Carly's white knight?

Johnny in jail? That's a SPOILER out there and Lulu MAY be turning to Daddy to help spring her boyfriend out of jail. Johnny doesn't want Ric to pull any legal moves to free him, remember Johnny wants nothing to do with his family. Claudia wants Johnny to let Ric help him and take a deal that will get him out. She needs her baby bro as Claudia is freaking out over Jerry's DVDs.

More Luke and Sonny... SPOILED to be coming. Does this have something to do with Johnny's arrest and Luke being there for his little girl? You bet! It seems that Johnny's arrest has to do with an assault charge fabricated by ZaCrazy. When Johnny refuses Ric, Luke goes to Sonny to help him.

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The Feds are everywhere... What the PCPD could never seem to do, the Feds have hit town and they are armed to take the mob down. Their greatest ammunition, Jason Morgan. Will the FBI approach Kate to turn on Sonny once the Fashionista MAY be making her way back to the mob man? RUMORS say the Feds interview Kate. Will something have her singing like a canary?

Be careful what you wish for... I've long said GH needs more love in the afternoon, more realistic family moments. Well from what we've heard, Lucky and Elizabeth are being re-paired and they SHOULD be getting some family time with Jake and Cameron. Not exactly what I was hoping for...


Alexis wants Jax and Carly back together! Wait, what? When the CarJax divorce moves along despite Carly and Jax obviously not wanting it to happen, one of the best duos in daytime, Diane and Alexis, team up to fix the faulty couple.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... More PPD stuff for Robin. She will no longer want to hold Emma. Sonny and Carly talk about Michael's shooting. More TALK about Michael returning. Will he be SORAS'd? Jason is bombing Sonny. Nadine does not want to be a part of making weapons.

Have a Great Weekend! Monday SHOULD have us returning to our regular SPOILER schedule. My BUCKS are taking on Mel's (our Guiding Light Gal) Longhorns Monday night so depending on the outcome, I may be too sad or too hungover for SPOILERS on Tuesday. GO BUCKS!