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Grading the Nu90210

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When the new 90210 debuted earlier this fall I was less than impressed, but I gave it chance and watched the first three episodes. Unfortunately, it just didn't live up to the bar set by Gossip Girl or even the overly dramatic One Tree Hill. Unlike GG and OTH, most of 90210's young cast just didn't seem to gel, appeared out of their depth and in the case of AnnaLynne McCord were just plain awful.


Imagine my surprise when, after being desperate for original programming over the holidays, I tuned into reruns of recent 90210 episodes and discovered that the show had improved. McCord is still awful, but the show has improved. Jessica Walter is still the best part of the show and Jessica Stroup is still the best of the young actresses, but the writing has improved and the storylines no longer feel like a toothache after eating cotton candy. The improvements might just be enough to get me to add it back to my DVR.

Now that you've watched the first half of 90210's season what grade would you give the show?

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