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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!


The showstopper of the surf line is hailed as a success. Eric (John McCook) wants to meet the designer. Could it be the Lemon Bar Bandit herself?

Ridge (Ronn Moss) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) make vows to each other on the Malibu beach where they previously married. There won’t be a minister or guests, but there will be a huge heart drawn in the sand with “Brooke & Ridge” written in it. Viewers with weak stomachs are advised to tune out on January 5th. Sorry BARF (Brooke And Ridge Forrester) fans.

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) suffers another “heartbreaking loss”, but gains a new “support system”. Fans are speculating this could mean a reconnection with either Ridge or Nick. My money’s on Ridge, though I’d be happy if he never darkened her doorstep again. As for the heartbreaking loss, I can only imagine it means Ridge’s commitment to Brooke doesn’t go down too well. What else can Taylor possibly lose – she’s already lost Phoebe and given up baby Jack. Maybe someone will steal her swivel chairs.

Katie is suspicious of Nick’s recent behaviour. Aren’t we all? Why he would propose to that drippy sourpuss is beyond me.

Bridget confronts Rick and offers him some advice. She later catches him doing exactly what she warned him against.

Steffy and Marcus head for Big Bear. She doesn't reveal everything about Rick.

Eric hires Pam at Forrester, who makes things uncomfortable for Donna.

Stephanie and Brooke argue, resulting in a slap.

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Donna encourages Bridget to pursue Owen.

Stephanie infuriates Eric with a public announcement.

Rick and Stephanie continue to fight. Eric is asked to decide who is right.

Brooke and Ridge get hot in the steam room. Maybe they’ll take some raw fish in there with them and steam it – whatever they do, it can’t turn my stomach more than the sushi scenes last year.

Ridge has a meltdown of sorts – he’ll mistake Steffy for Phoebe. Well, I guess they did used to be identical. He’ll also reveal his true feelings towards Rick.

Katie investigates what Nick has been hiding. Hopefully, it’s a packet of poisoned pistachios and she’ll gobble the lot.

Nick tests Katie’s loyalty.

Thorne’s anger comes out in a confrontation with Eric. Given all the tomfoolery Thorne’s been pulling with those look-alikes, shouldn’t he keep a low profile and be grateful to still have a job?

Clarke Garrison makes an appearance.

A member of Marcus’ family will show up in LA soon.

Although there is no official word as yet, rumor is that B&B is moving back to its old timeslot of 4.30pm in Australia on January 19th. It is currently airing in The Simpsons former 6pm slot on Channel 10.