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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, welcome to another week of mishap and mayhem on Days of Our Lives. Let’s face it, the show is a total travesty at the moment, but this week sees the beginning of a bittersweet storyline – you all know what I’m talking about… John and Marlena’s exit storyline, which heats up this week with the beginnings of realJohn’s memory return; alas, you’ll have to suffer through 3-4 episodes of crap first, but ending the week on a high note has gotta be a first for Days in awhile. What else is of interest? Kate finally wises up that Daniel is not all there in their relationship and breaks up with him, and  Philip and Stephanie nearly take their relationship to the next level. All this and more, this week, on the Preview from Denial Island (January 5 – 9).


John agrees to, and undergoes hypnotherapy this week. Beware the Flashback! But it’s alright, Days writers are finally throwing all the John and Marlena fans a bone with one of their memorable moments – John recognizing Marlena at the pier “Doc?” (see this week’s NBC Video Preview for the visual). All I can say is hallelujah and praise the soapgods! Hopefully this will play out on screen just as well as it sounds on paper *gets down on knees and prays that TPTB have done something right for once*. Everything else is just an anti-climax after that, isn’t it?

Bo’s ‘Celeste-ial’ visions continue – of all the people to get “in” with the supernatural, I would never have picked Beauregard Brady!! LOL! His visions of Theo hurting himself come true when Theo once again goes missing during a visit to Papa Stefano. Wandering off while Lexie and Stefano argue, he makes it to the staircase where he falls and hits his head. Stefano goes to call 911 and is told an ambulance is already on the way. Who sent it? Bo of course! He and Hope go to DiMansion to make sure Theo is alright, but his presence only adds more fuel to Stefano's curiosity. Bo avoids all questions as to how he knew Theo was hurt. At the hospital, Theo needs surgery but comes out of it alright.

Dr. Dan is free to pursue Chloe after Kate breaks up with him, but can he convince Chloe to do the same? She’s still adamant her love for Lucas is pure and true, but we all know that’s a big fat soaplie. One has to feel an inkling of sympathy for Lucas, that’s two women now who have claimed to love him, but their hearts truly lie elsewhere. At the party, Lucas finds out Daniel and Kate are no longer together and jumps to the wrong conclusion (gee, that doesn’t sound like Lucas at all); thinking Daniel was the one who dumped Kate, he punches him. Later, as Daniel is looking for a first aid kit (and Lucas apologizes), he finds Chloe instead, and helps her zip up the dress. Why? No! Not for that reason, get your mind out of the gutter! She asks him to! Daniel presses Chloe to admit her feelings for him, and Chloe finally does. They become hot and heavy while Lucas unknowingly heads up to their room looking for his fiancé. Will Lucas discover Daniel and Chloe together?

Max and Chelsea hash out their new friendship ‘status’ and decide to ‘not decide’ what they are just yet. Max offers to be Chelsea’s date to Lucas and Chloe’s engagement party but Chelsea says ‘No thanks’ and goes stag. She doesn’t think Max’s offer is genuine, and she has doubts that Max is over Stephanie. Plus it’s icky to date your best friend’s ex just after they’ve broken up, never mind the fact that she’s moved on to his stepbrother and your uncle, but then again, he was your boyfriend to begin with, so hey, go for it I say. At the party Chelsea, learns of Dr. Dan’s new single status but Chelsea’s starting to cotton on to something we viewers noticed ages ago – Dr. Dan is a "playa", and maybe Max is starting to look better and better?

Speaking of ex's, Stephanie and Philip waste no time getting hot and heavy. At least, that's how they start; the truth is, they decide it would be much better for them to wait. Stephanie confronts Melanie over her feelings for Philip and all the while my head hits a brick wall because I lose less brain cells that way. To make matters worse, Kate, the mother of all evil mother-in-laws, gives Stephanie and Philip her blessing. That chemo's really gone to Kate's head... since when has she ever given her blessing right from the start? Can we please have real Kate back?

Rafe's stab wound becomes infected and he slips into delirium. I feel a bit that way too when I watch Days. Sami uses Rafe being down and out as an opportunity to phone the convent and then slip out. Hilda warns Sami that someone could pay with their life if she's discovered, and from reading the spoilers, that someone is going to be Hilda (aw dang it! I like Hilda. Figures.). In true Sami style, she doesn't care, and does what she wants anyway.

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Nicole meets Mia after begging Dr. Baker to tell her who the pregnant woman she was supposed to meet last week. At their meeting, Nicole tries to persuade Mia to reconsider allowing her to adopt her baby. Mia agrees, so long as she can meet Nicole's fiancé. Knowing that can't be EJ, Nicole tries to rope Brady into the scheme and he goes along with it, until he realizes who Mia thinks he is. He sets her straight, and Nicole has one of her trademark hissy fits. Brady does the wise thing and gets his butt out of there, but Mia takes pity on Nicole and agrees to give Nicole one more chance - as long as she meets EJ (I don't blame her, I want to meet him too).

In Other, More Boring Storylines:

  • Nicole spies, with her beady eyes, a prenup in EJ's briefcase
  • Brady has a chat with EJ over DiMera business. What? He wants a piece?

Coming Up Next Week (January 12 - 16):

  • Charlotte wont reveal what John said during his hypnotherapy session
  • Melanie enters EJ's orbit when he asks her about the Alternative Fuels Project
  • Nick gets sentenced

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Buckle up kids, hard times ahead for us, but more about that later in the week