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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.05.08

Faulty meds or drugs that have harmful effects? During the great drug caper it was all about drugs that weren't working. Remember Sam's pain medication wasn't taking away her pain. The LATEST on the hospital crisis kicking off sometime next week is that the medication given to the victims is more than just ineffective; it could do some serious harm.


How are the guests at the benefit hurt? Like I mentioned last week, what’s a General Hospital stunt without a shootout or an explosion. This time around, Guza is going with the explosion which injures many of the guests at the benefit as well as involving most of the staff at GH. Gee, who would have thought, a storyline that revolves around the hospital. Sorry, I’m still in shock. And what’s most shocking is why it took Bobby boy so long to come up with this one.

So who’s the hero this time? Jason is the obvious answer and there are RUMORS of he and Sam teaming up to stop whatever is happening but the heroes this time SHOULD be the doctors and nurses at GH, minus Robin who’s Post Partum Depression has the new mom handing out the bad meds without checking them. Is Rebecca the hero? IF the RUMORS are correct and Rebecca is a doctor / medical chemist, she COULD be the one to figure out the problem. Patrick and Matt have also been out there as heroes.

Johnny and Luke team up. Luke will be helping Johnny out with his assault charge but will the pair team up to save Lulu and Tracy? Both ladies are at the hospital for the benefit and they’re dateless as Johnny and Luke will be on the outside trying to get in.

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More on Robin’s PPD. Is Carly going to notice Robin’s plight? Remember, back in the day, Carly suffered from Post Partum after having Michael. RUMORS say Carly will notice that Robin is unfocused and missing her usual caring ways with the victims. Will Patrick mention the fake meds while trying to take care of the victims? RUMORS say he will and Robin pays it no attention.

Nadine is against using Aunt Raylene's patent for war. Why? Is there more to Nadine's past? RUMORS say Nadine MAY be revealing a secret to Nikolas about a former love who was killed in Iraq. Her dad died due to medical negligence, her sister is in a coma after killing patients at GH, Aunt Raylene passed away and now she has a dead love? What more are they going to do to Nurse Nadine? Oh wait, Natalia Livingston is back. I guess they're going to take away Nikolas too.

Sonny knows Jason has to pick him or Spinelli. If you were Jason, who would you choose? The loyal computer geek who has be sleeping in the regrettably pink room or your one time best friend who never really treated you all that friendly?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Sonny MAY be finding out about his son, Dante. Will Dante find out about his daddy? Is Leyla a casualty of the crisis? Is Robin the last one to see Nurse Mir alive? RUMORS say Nazanin Boniadi has been let go. Matt and Maxie scenes coming. Does Robin really have PPD or is something else contributing to Dr. Scorpio’s behavior? The timing of the crisis… it MAY not be a flash forward and then a flash back to tell the story that led up to it all. What we MIGHT be seeing is a bunch of flash forwards and flash backs mixed in. RUMORS say these flashbacks and forwards will be from different character’s point of view. Elizabeth and Lucky kiss. Spixie Sex scene. Remember I mentioned Maxie seducing Spinelli to keep him away from Winnie.


SPOILER or FANFIC? Is Jerry involved in the hospital crisis? Is the comparison to the Metro Court Crisis because the same mastermind is behind it? Remember, when Mr. Craig held those hostages, he played with their heads. Will secrets be spilled? Will lives depend on it? Let’s recap some of the secrets and not so secrets hanging out there: Jake’s paternity, Alan’s will, Olivia’s son is Sonny’s, Kate knows the truth about Dante, Trevor’s unusual attachment to Johnny, how Stan died and Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Remember when Mr. Craig made Emily choose between Alan and Elizabeth? We MAY be seeing something along these lines again.

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