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Vanessa Marcil Making the Rounds

Did you catch The Nanny Expressstarring General Hospital'sVanessa Marcil? The actress is making the rounds in support of the Hallmark Channel movie. Marcil took Entertainment Weekly's "Pop Culture Personality Quiz" and sat down with TV Guide's Matt Mitovich to discuss her latest role that is a far cry from some of her more famous ones.


Vanessa tells EW:

The person you wrote a fan letter to when you were young?

So my mom used to watch General Hospital when I was little. We were so limited in the amount of TV we were allowed to watch, it was a big deal when she would let me come sit and watch a few minutes of it with her when I got home from school. When I was a kid, Tony Geary, who's obviously infamous for playing Luke, of Luke and Laura, on General Hospital, was at the mall where I grew up in Indio, Calif., this really tiny town next to Palm Springs. We went and stood in line for like three hours. I wrote him a letter while we were in line, to hand to him because I was so nervous that I knew when I got to him, I wouldn't be able to speak. So we walked up there, and I handed him the letter and just started bawling. I took a photo with him, and you know, ironically, years later, I ended up working with him on General Hospital, which is really funny.

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