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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Happy New Year everyone. I'm dealing with a cranky baby with a cold, so these are brief.

Does Claudia not have a bedroom? Why is she constantly watching Jerry's DVDs on the couch in the living room where everyone and their brother can show up? And how many times does she have to rewatch it? It won't say something different the next time.

How lame is Anthony's plan for Johnny? How did he know Johnny wouldn't have an alibi for the time that he allegedly hit the guy? Nice to see Ric have a scene or two, even though I have to sit through round eleventy of Lulu being a shrieking shrew who shrieks.

I hate that they had Patrick being all "you're a great father" to Sonny when it's clear that anyone on the planet he is a better father than Sonny. In my little world, Patrick said it but under his breath, said "NOT"!!!

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I like Spinelli because of Bradford Anderson and not so much for the Spinelli-isms, so I'm not that thrilled that we have another Spinelli, even a female version. And I'm not sure how I feel about Jealous Maxie. Seems if she doesn't want Spin in a romantic nature, she shouldn't prevent him from getting it elsewhere.

Carly/Jax: It's clear to me that they're heading back to each other and rightfully so, since I can't see any other male on canvas who they could hook Carly up with. I wasn't thrilled with Carly's snarky "How many marriages is this? Five? " to Jax, considering she's been married a bunch of times herself. People in glass houses and all that. And here's hoping Claudia tears a strip off her for walking into her house.

I'm not in love with the Nadine/Nik story. Being a farm girl, I find it hard to understand how a piece for a plough can suddenly be used to make army weaponry, but what do I know. Also, Nadine's all self righteous about it, but how does she know that this isn't what Aunt Raylene wanted done with it?