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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.06.08


Who tells Sonny he has another son? Kate or Olivia? Are all these Michael mentions a big anvil? RUMORS say Kate will be the one to tell Sonny he fathered a child with her cousin Olivia. We're still seeing RUMORS that Dante is coming and Michael COULD be recast and aged. There SHOULD be more Michael talk as the benefit is in his name and Claudia is still playing Jerry's DVD hide and seek game. She'll tell Johnny about the DVDs. Will the truth ever come out? Possibly. There is one RUMOR about Lulu learning about Johnny's involvement in Michael's shooting. Will this cause problems for the young couple? Lulu MAY not be as dumb as she sometimes appears. RUMORS say she'll feel that the siblings have a secret.

Jason warned Sonny to back off. He doesn't and continues to land shipments on Jason's territory. Who's the boss in Port Charles? Luke and Sonny are SPOILED to discuss that very topic.

Carly and Jax... Will they reunite? If Diane and Alexis have their way, they will. Will Carly ever choose Jax over Sonny? She MAY. One RUMOR has her choosing Jax over Sonny during the hospital crisis. Will they play games? It looks like Jax will to a certain degree. When Carly cancels on plans, most likely for Sonny, Jax invites Olivia to go swimming with him.

How many deaths will there be when the dust settles? Leyla is one of the RUMORED deaths coming and it looks like there will be a few more. Will one death be a smoke screen? One character MAY appear to be dead to the fans.

Is Rebecca for Nikolas thus leaving Nurse Nadine heartbroken? RUMORS say she is and we all know Frons, he thinks magic can be recaptured. RUMORS say Nikolas and Rebecca MAY be sharing a dance at the benefit and while we MAY see some chem tests between Rebecca and other characters, she's most likely for Nikolas.

Should the name Equinox sound familiar? It's the company that wants Nadine's plow patent and according to ONLINE CHATTER, it was the company that wanted Alcazar's briefcase during the MetroCourt Crisis. Do all signs point back to Jerry? Alexis is getting dusted off today as she will offer Nikolas and Nadine some advice.

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Trouble for Luke's beloved Spixie? Yep! Maxie is convinced that Winnifred is not who she says she is and Maxie is right. When she seduces the Jackal, he catches on and the two argue. It looks like as Maximista is making amends, the feds come in and arrest Spinelli.

Robin's PPD... Will this be a good story or another botched up job? Patrick tries to get Robin to see she needs some help. No worries Scrub Fans, they'll have this bump and the hospital crisis definitely throws a wrench into things but it sounds like Robin and Patrick will get some good material out of this storyline and once it all settles, they'll be fine. Robin is ready to consummate her marriage. Well, she's physically ready as Dr. Lee gives the OK, her PPD however, has Robin not wanting to be with her hubby.


Speaking of Scrubs... They are finally moving out of Robin's apartment and into a house. Elizabeth will help Robin with the move. Is this when a distressed Robin leaves Emma with Elizabeth?


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Kelly's rebuilt? That's out there and this one says Bobbie MAY be making an appearance. Rebecca kisses Nikolas. Rexis Re-do? Claudia wants Sonny to kill Jason. Dante's identity is shocking. Lulu's shot during the crisis. Here's a CRAZY one, RUMORS have the Quartermaine's getting guardianship of Michael.