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TV Converter Coupon Program Out of Cash

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If you are one of the 70 million households that gets your TV signal through bunny ears or antennas and you have been procrastinating about sending in for the $40 TV digital converter box coupon you may be to late. USA Today is reporting that the program, designed to help Americans cover the cost of adding a digital converter box to their household, has run out of cash thanks to an influx of coupon requests in December that more than doubled the number of requests made in October. 

All the people whose coupon requests did not make it in before the program ran out of money will be added to a waiting list, but at this time there is no time frame when or if more funds will be added to the program.

Oh and if you have received your coupon and haven't used it you might want to hurry up and do so. According to the article a senior lawmaker is "working on a plan that would allow NTIA to start re-issuing coupons that have been sent to consumers but not redeemed." 

So if you want to still be able to watch your favorite soaps in February and still have a coupon you better hurry up and use it. We wouldn't want daytime's executives to have another excuse for declining ratings.

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