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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Why is Olivia back? Who goes to visit someone and then stays permanently, leaves for the holidays and then comes back? Even the whole, 'she needs a job' thing is a bit of a stretch. Why look in this town for a job in automotive? I want Kate and Jax together, so I don't like that we might be heading to an Olivia/Jax hook up.

I hate Sonny and I don't understand the women stupid enough to fall at his feet, but I must say, I did get some enjoyment out the Claudia/Carly scenes. Just because both are strong actresses whose characters have their own set of neuroses, no matter how much they try to hide them and blunder their way around.

I liked the Mike/Luke scene. It made sense and it explains why Mike is still involved with Kelly's. Although by the sounds of it, new Kelly's will look exactly like old Kelly's, so what was the point of burning it down in the first place if they weren't going to update the set a little?

I liked the Maxie/Sam scene. I always enjoy these two as friends. It makes sense and they seem to only be truly honest with each other. I don't like that Sam left Jason another message. It sounds desperate to me and I'm not in love with what appears to be the LuSam break up.

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I hate Lulu and I hate her snarking at my man Ric. I wanted Ric to tell her to shut it. I'm not sure I like the idea that Luke's getting involved in things, although it does give Anthony Gearysomething to do other than talk Tracy out of divorcing him.

Still not understanding the Nadine/patent thing. Couldn't the US government create their own thing-a-mabob that looks just like the one that Nadine has? Although, I guess I shouldn't complain too much since it got Alexis out of the underused closet for a minute.

I love Patrick, but seriously, getting a nightie for a woman who just had a baby and feels insecure about her body? Major, major mistake. Why didn't he go talk to Kelly or Lainie and get advice from them if he's suspecting post-partum depression?