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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 01.07.08


Lucky confides in Elizabeth. He’ll tell her that he and Sam are not really seeing things in the same light. Lucky is SPOILED to tell Elizabeth that Sam has been working with Jason and he doesn’t agree. Is this when Elizabeth says some things Liason fans won’t like? One RUMOR has Elizabeth telling Lucky to go work things out with Sam.

The stunt coming up… It SHOULD involve flash backs and flash forwards. Will it be confusing? With Sonny and Jason at odds, will we learn in a flash forward that the former friends made some sort of peace? Remember the OLD RUMORS that Sonny and Jason will appear to be enemies but will really be working together? When that RUMOR first broke it was about ZaCrazy. Will it be about averting the Federal investigation?

Speaking of the stunt… It involves the benefit gala in Michael’s name. Is Olivia Jax’s date? Lulu attends minus Johnny. Could it be he can’t bring himself to attend due to his part in Michael’s shooting? Maxie MAY be attending with her roomie as it appears she and Spinelli are still having problems. The Quartermaines, the few that are left that is, will be there. Lucky also attends. RUMORS have Lulu as one of the first to fall ill due to the bad medication or possibly something else.

ZaCrazy… Where has Anthony been? RUMOR has it that Anthony and Luke will be mixing it up soon and Ric warns Luke to be careful of the Z Family patriarch.

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Patrick going against his wife? There were RUMORS about Robin’s PPD and maybe her having to be committed. A little farfetched for Post Partum, right? What MAY actually be happening is Patrick having Robin’s privileges at GH temporarily suspended during the crisis. Enter Rebecca, the new doctor in town who will be there just in time to help during the crisis. The Brothers Drake will try to figure out what the hell is going on.

Why does it seem that Patrick is in charge?
Isn’t Monica the Chief of Staff now?


Matt and Maxie or Spixie? With Winnie in town and Maxie playing with Spin’s emotions, will Frons get his M&M pairing? RUMORS say Maxie falls apart at GH when Lulu falls ill and she’ll on Matt. Another RUMOR has M&M trapped in an elevator together. Another pair trapped in an elevator on GH, the originality is astounding.

GH and their never ending, never truly revealed secrets… Kate knows about Dante and now there is more TALK that she will also learn about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. How many secrets is Kate supposed to sit on? Will Kate spill both?

Leyla dying… RUMORS have been pretty consistent regarding Leyla Mir being a casualty of the hospital crisis. According to these RUMORS, Leyla is not the only one.

Is someone going to be with child? Is there another wedding or engagement in the future? Is it Claudia? Would Sonny kill a pregnant woman even though she’s responsible for his son’s comatose state? Liz and Lucky in an almost kiss that Sam witnesses. Maybe she should lurk a little longer before running off to Jason. Like I said, almost kiss… Does everyone at the benefit get sick? Will agent Rayner play a role in the stunt? We heard there is an explosion but will a toxin be involved?