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DC #343: CBS & Days Mike Goes Off

On today's CBS and Days of Our Lives Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Mike, Jamey and Melodie discuss the latest news and recaps for As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless including...


Predictions on how much Grant Alexsander's return will bump ratings up or down. Melodie has an update on her spoilers from December. It's not Kim Zimmer's fault that Guiding Light has gone down hill, should she have to take a pay cut during this next go around? Could GL survive without Reva if Zimmer didn't accept pay cuts and left the show?

As the Recasts Turns is systematically breaking Douglas Marland's rules on how not to wreck a soap and it's making it hard to watch so many new faces.

Who knew that all it took to have a successful fashion show was Donna in a knit bikini? Mike goes ballistic and isn't going to take it from The Bold and the Beautiful anymore. Kyle Lowder and Ronn Moss pop up on The Soup. Rick and Steffy are so cliche it hurts.

What is up with The Young and the Restless trying to put almost every boring character in one scene? Neil's wedding featured Karen and Victoria, not to mention a the character castrated JT all in one scene. Gloria discovers Katherine in jail. Jamey thinks that Maria Arena Bell has a check list of all of LML's debacles and is fixing everything one, by one by one.

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