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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I've been meaning to bring this up for awhile now, but this show has gone to great lengths to tell us that Sonny is a good man, caught in a bad profession. That he’s one of the “good” mobsters who doesn’t deal in drugs or guns and who gets rid of anyone who does. And they’ve told us that the Zaccharas are the “bad” mobsters, the kind that do deal in guns, drugs and maple flavoured Canadian back bacon. So, with Sonny now running the AZ organization and landing shipments on Jason’s piers, isn’t it safe to assume that the almighty Sonny Corinthos is now one of the “bad” mobsters and Jason should take him out? How does Sonny live with his conscience when he’s running that organization, considering all the lip service he’s done about that in the past?

I also wonder why Jason doesn’t just give him the whole mess back and wash his hands of everything. Is it really worth all the headache and aggravation?

Spixie: Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I’m enjoying how this is playing out. Mainly because of Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms' talents, but still. Maxie, whether she truly thinks something’s up with Winnie, or because she’s jealous, is still, in a way, looking out for her gullible friend. Unfortunately, she’s not going about it in the best way. Spinelli, who’s so starved for attention, especially of the female kind, having found the female version of himself, is not willing to see what Maxie is trying so hard to tell him. In a way, I’m mad that Maxie is not making herself clearer and I’m mad that Spinelli is so quick to dismiss her concerns. And assuming that Winnie is not just a simple computer geek but something more, kudos to her for figuring out both Spin and Maxie’s weak spots and exploiting it to her advantage.

I was impressed with Olivia’s backbone to Jax, but I swear, if she shows up at that spa in a bikini, I’m going to have to hurt someone.

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Luke/Ric: I love any scene with my man Ric, no matter how lame, and I appreciate Luke having something to do other than chase after Tracy. I’m not sure I understand what he thought he would accomplish by meeting with Ric.

Liz/Lucky: My L&L2 loving heart was going pitter patter, but at the same time, if they’re putting these two back together it has to be done right and not at warp speed. Also, who does their taxes in January?