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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.08.09


ABC's official word on the stunt hitting GH:


Viewers Will Need to Watch Each Episode as Clues Are Revealed After Time Is Turned Back; Storyline Will Coincide with the Return of Emmy® Winner Natalia Livingston to Port Charles

On the Thursday, January 15 episode of ABC's award-winning "General Hospital," Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) will rush into the operating room yelling to colleagues Dr. Monica Quartermaine, Dr. Matt Hunter, Nurse Elizabeth Webber and Nurse Epiphany Johnson, among others, to stop a pending surgery with a mysterious patient. Without giving away much else, the clock will be turned back nine hours and each subsequent episode for the next nine days will begin with scenes that will reveal more clues to what is about to happen in the hospital. On Wednesday, January 28, the reason for Dr. Drake's ultimatum to his staff will be revealed and, from this point through February, medical staff, patients and visitors will be affected as a major disaster will strike the corridors of the hospital and make its way throughout Port Charles. In addition, this medical crisis storyline will coincide with the anticipated return of Emmy® winner Natalia Livingston as Rebecca, an entirely new role, on January 15. Both announcements were made by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group.

"We are very excited to start off the New Year with an exciting and captivating storyline that will engage the audience with all of our main characters," says executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. "In addition, I am thrilled Natalia has returned home to our show to add a new dimension with an entirely new character that will certainly turn heads with the town's residents."

Back to our regularly scheduled programming... So Elizabeth is in the operating room when Patrick rushes in. Will she fall ill? One RUMOR has her unconscious as the biotoxin hits Nurse Webber. Another re-do in the reverse? Remember when Lucky was hurt and unconscious with Elizabeth willing him to wake up? It set up a reunion for the one-time loves. Is this how Liz and Lucky are brought back together? How will Elizabeth's role in this storyline affect the character and the men in her life?

I asked yesterday and no one took a stab at it, so I'll ask again. Why does it seem that Patrick is in charge when Monica is the Chief of Staff? Monica is in that same operating room as Elizabeth. The biotoxin is released in that operating room. A little confusion... When the biotoxin is released, all those exposed must be quarantined. Matt, Elizabeth, Epiphany and Monica are all quarantined. How do these character pop up in scenes if they are stuck in quarantine? Remember, we're going to have a flash forward and then flash backs to tell the story.

What about Monica? Fans are fearful of yet another Quartermaine being trashed by TPTB. With Monica exposed to the toxin, will we only have two Q's left on our screens? What about Rebecca? Surely having her dead daughter's dead ringer at GH is going to have an affect on Monica.

Matt and Maxie... Are they each other's date to the gala? That's a RUMOR out there. There's also that "trapped in the elevator" RUMOR where Maxie is not happy with Matt and his decision to perform a risky procedure on Lulu.

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Patrick... He's got a lot going on with a new marriage, his baby girl and a wife suffering from Post Partum Depression. RUMORS have more troubles for the newlyweds as he MAY bench Dr. Scorpio during the crisis. The LATEST? Robin and Patrick are separated during the crisis. Not a marital separation, the couple is physically separated while the crisis is going on. Scrubs SHOULD not be apart the entire time. Remember, Patrick benches Robin. It APPEARS that both are set to attend the gala. Patrick is paged and must attend to doctor stuff while Robin heads to the benefit. So while they are separated, at some point they are back onscreen together.

Where's Emma? In the hospital daycare. Are any of the other children in the daycare? Is the "men in her life" drop for Elizabeth playing into this? Are Jake and Cameron in the daycare as well?

We told you that Leyla is most likely going to be a casualty of the crisis. Who else dies? Not sure but according to RUMORS, four people are kicking the bucket.

Sam wants to work the Z's next. That ZaCrazy is a smart psychopath. He wants to know what Sam McCall is up to.

Are TPTB trying to ruin Clic in favor of Sonny and Claudia? What has been a hot and organic pairing is taking a turn with Claudia seducing Ric to get information. Will she confront dear old dad with what she learns?


Did Luke (our Luke) get his wish? He wants Mark Pinter (Agent Rayner) to stick around and the LATEST is that he will be with us for a few months.

More Megan Ward RUMORS making the rounds. Again, these RUMORS have the actress leaving. NOW, we heard that while at some point there MAY have been some truth to those RUMBLINGS, changes have been made and Kate will have a story coming up. Is it possible things have once again changed? Anything is possible.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Johnny and Matt get into it. Dr. Hunter is exposed to the biotoxin but he doesn't become ill. Lulu knows Johnny and Claudia have a secret. Speaking of secrets, with all those Port Chuck residents in one room, secrets are surely spilling.

Guza says... Morning of the crisis is in "real time"... the aftermath is "increasingly suspenseful"..."Patrick is the center of the crisis"...