Trevor St. John: "Comparing Carlivati to Higley Like Comparing Obama to Bush"

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How do you sell a rapemance? We're still asking ourselves that one, but the peeps over at One Life to Live managed to pull it off. Integral to that success has been the almost-too-good-for-daytime Trevor St. John(Todd).  I say almost, because at the current time, the show Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are turning out five-days-a-week in lil' ol lamented daytime is just as good as any in hour in primetime (better than some, 90210 anyone?). TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco talked with the one actor who has ensured that this blogger didn't click off his TV five minutes after I started watching in 2004, long before Carlivati's amazing keypad made the soap appointment TV.