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DC Exclusive: Win a Chance to Ask Days and Supernatural Hottie Jensen Ackles a Question!

Former soap star-turned-celeb journalist Nelson Aspen is giving one lucky Daytime readers the exclusive chance to have a question answered by one of the hottest soap alums around, Jensen Ackles (Days of Our Lives, Supernatural)! Aspen, whose new book  Hollywood Insider Exposed! Secrets, Stars & Showbiz, is interviewing Ackles on Friday to to talk about the actor's upcoming horror flick My Bloody Valentine 3D. To get your question answered by Ackles all you have to do is be the first to answer the following two questions correctly in the comments thread (DC folks, y'all ain't eligible!):


1.) On Days of Our Lives, Jensen Ackles played Roman and Marlena's son and Sami's twin brother Eric. Which secret did Eric help Carrie find out about his twin, just in time for Carrie to reveal it on Sami's wedding day?

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2.) When Ackles vacated the role of Eric Brady, which former Days actress returned to help usher Eric off the canvas? Name the character and the actress who played her.