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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.09.08

It's Friday and there's not much out there today so it's a Q & A Day! Ask away.


Crisis, Crisis, Crisis... Can it measure up to past GH Stunts? The fact that it actually centers around the hospital is a bonus for me but will we see more of the same old, same old or will the fans be treated to that "never seen before in daytime" stunt we've been hearing about for months?

Biotoxin... Will it take you out on contact? That's the RUMOR but then why is Matt Hunter RUMORED to be ok?

Emily Quartermaine returns but not as Emily. Is Rebecca a doctor like previously SCOOPED? RUMOR has it she's working for the wrong side. Teasing the fans? ABC and SoapNET are suggesting that Rebecca COULD have a connection to the late Emily.

I mentioned Matt taking a risk with a procedure on Lulu. Is this another Brothers Drake quarrel?

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Death... It's coming. Leyla is most likely dying. But who else will be gone from Port Chuck when it's all said and done?

In case you couldn't tell from previous SPOILER posts, the crisis has Patrick Drake front and center.

Scrubs and the PPD storyline... Robin of course thinks she's fine despite Patrick pushing the PPD diagnosis. Robin's reason for her slump? Their current living situation isn't working for them. In what MAY be the fastest move ever, Robin declares the need for more space one day and the Drake family is moving the next. RUMORS say Elizabeth tells her friends of a house that is available and the snatch it up. Elizabeth helps them move and when Emma begins to cry, Robin leaves her with Elizabeth. Where's she going? To talk to Jason about Carly's PPD when Michael was born.

Robin doesn't believe in Patrick's diagnosis. He thinks she has PPD she thinks it's all because their place is too small. So in what could be called the fastest move in history, Scrubs gets a new house. Elizabeth helps with the move but she also helps with finding them a place. RUMORS say Elizabeth tells her friends of a house she knows about that is available. While moving, Emma cries and Robin takes off leaving the baby with Elizabeth. Where did Robin go? She heads over to Jason's penthouse to talk to him about Carly's PPD when Michael was born.

Is the apocalypse coming?
There's a RUMOR that Carly picks Jax over Jason and Sonny. Jason is SUPPOSED to ask Carly to facilitate a meeting between himself and Sonny at her house. These RUMORS say that she already has plans with Jax and Carly actually tells Jason, sorry but I can't help ya. NOW, there is also TALK of Sonny and Jason having it out once and for all. This APPEARS to be about Jason having to choose between Sonny and Spinelli as we saw in the promo.

Jason... Is he really not the hero? Say it isn't so! Jason is SAID to be on the outside of the hospital when all hell breaks loose with he and Sam trying to do what they can. NOW, all reports say " the entire cast will be invovled " and with Jason Morgan being the number one man, I'm sure he's involved somehow.


Lucky... He's been RUMORED to be "desperate" to get to Elizabeth who has been exposed to the toxin. So has Monica... hmmm... Jason's mom and baby momma exposed. Shouldn't Jason be desperate to get to them?

I'm sorry but I am laughing too hard right now... here's a quote from SOAPnet: One of the reasons we heart "General Hospital" is because they LOVE to do big stories that use everyone on the canvas and tie them all together with some big disaster -- be it physical, emotional, or both. Ummmm... if they do an actual Sweeps stunt, that's the only time GH involves the entire canvas, so yeah, TPTB at General Hospital using their entire canvas twice a year is a reason for praise? Forget about the Mob show we get treated to the rest of the year.