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Deidre Hall Talks About Her Days Exit

On her website Deidrehall.comDeidre Hallopens up her December '08 video chat, which is usually reserved for fan club members, to everyone and spends an hour answering fan questions. She gave praise to Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC, discussed a "raucous" Halloween party and revealed some things that only a Q&A session can.


The most emotional elements of the video came when she discussed her exit and what she will miss most about her 32 years as the iconic Dr. Marlena Evans. Her last tape date was December 16 and her jewel box of a dressing room has since been cleaned out. Although she was careful about not revealing too much information, she did state that John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena's last airdate is January 23. If you want to know more, more, more about Hall, her goodbyes and her future plans, follow the link and watch the video HERE.

Thanks to GUSH900 for the tip.

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