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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Giant kudos to Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms. The entire Spixie fight from beginning to end was brilliantly done on both their parts. Maxie, not shutting up when she should have and bringing up Winnie's name. Spinelli, coming to the realization that she slept with him to keep Winnie away; his words about the behaviour which she hates about herself; her words about being friends with a criminal and 'learning a new language' to be his friend; and her line about feeling sorry for him because he had no friends. As he kept talking, he was sounding more normal with no spinelli-isms, which just made it that much more painful. I was in tears by the time Spinelli left. I kept wanting to fast forward through the rest of the stuff just to get back to Spixie. Now that is how a soap should be written and other actors on this show (coughLulucough) should watch those scenes and learn how to be brilliant.

Now, onto the rest of the episode....

If Johnny is co-owner of the casino, why does he need to look for a job? Why doesn't he just bartend or host?

Loved that Diane/Alexis were working Jax/Carly. I'm not a fan of CarJax, but I do think the actors work well together and I can't really see Carly with any other guy on canvas, so they might as well toss them back together.

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Sonny: Blah, blah, blah, I'm taking back what's mine, blah, blah, blah. I don't care, but I did get a hearty laugh out of his expression when the ship blew up.

I like them both seperately, but not really a fan of them together and this story just isn't working for me.