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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans welcome to another week of Days of Our Lives spoilers. Nicole takes a step closer to getting a baby, John takes a step closer to Marlena (but then forgets) and Chloe and Daniel take steps closer to each other – in the biblical sense. What else is in store? Keep reading for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (January 12 – 16).


The engagement party is going strong. On one side, Chloe spends a lot of time avoiding Daniel; and why is she doing that? Because she and Daniel finally got a bit horizontal, and now Chloe’s got a terrible case of guilt! Plus she knows what will happen if Momma Bear Kate finds out… better be careful! Chloe talks to Lucas about their future and he assures her its looking good for them. So Chloe goes to see Daniel to tell him what happened shouldn’t have happened and of course, Chloe gets within 10 feet of Daniel and the clothes start coming off again. Kate almost catches the two together, but doesn’t.

Also at the engagement party, the presence of Max startles Stephanie – is he turning into a stalker now? It’d be something Max hasn’t done yet, but alas no, Stephanie discovers that Max was invited by Chelsea and wants answers why. Chelsea and Max assure her they are just friends, but then ask if Stephanie would have a problem if they were dating… that should be an interesting answer. Does Steph want her cake and eat it too?

Nick gets sentenced, and guess who turns up to make a plea on his behalf? Melanie! But has she turned over a new leaf or is she simply trying to impress someone? The latter of course, but Philip (the object of her misguided affection) only has eyes – and lips - for Stephanie, which Melanie witnesses. Still, Melanie does make the plea and Nick’s sentence is reduced because of it; he gets 2-5 years and then it’s sayonara Nick (sob).

Over at the safehouse, Sami sneaks out once more to go to the convent. There, she makes plans for her child to be taken care of by the Sisters once born. They agree to help her and give her a cell phone. By the time Sami returns though, Hilda has been kidnapped by the Mayor’s killer and killed for refusing to give up the safehouse’s location. Sayonara Hilda (sob again).

At DiMansion, EJ and Stefano plot to take control of Nick’s Alternative Fuel project, but can EJ convince Melanie to sell him her share? Fearing it would mean losing a reason to have an association with Philip, Melanie refuses. But shouldn’t EJ be keeping his eyes on his future wife Nicole? After convincing Mia she doesn’t really need to meet EJ, Nicole acquiesces to her next request and brings her to DiMansion to show her where the baby will be brought up. There they run into Tony, who is curious how Nicole and Mia met. Anyone who knows Nicole should be able to see right through her lie of meeting Mia in a youth center where she "volunteers", but it appears Tony has been hit by the same dumb stick as everyone else. He does, however, mention Nicole’s recent charity work to EJ, who wonders why Nicole never told him… umm, because she knows you wouldn’t buy it, maybe?

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Saving the best for last, we finally come to week two of the John and Marlena Reunion exit storyline. So last week John had those flashback memories (those really were the good old Days huh?), but when he snaps out of it, Charlotte tells him the hypnotherapy hasn’t worked and she doesn’t think it’s a good option for him. John is devastated. He goes to Marlena and asks if he should get a second opinion. He inadvertently calls her Doc, and Marlena responds by kissing him! Meanwhile, Charlotte and Marlena fall out over John, while Brady sneaks into Charlotte’s office and discovers the video recording of John’s hypnotherapy session. Watching it, he emails a copy to himself, but is Charlotte about to bust him? Charlotte asks John to start a new life with her, but the old John is beginning to stir – he wont go without Marlena, leaving Charlotte no choice (it seems) but to resort to more persuasive measures to get him to agree.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Kate never gave Stefano an answer and he reminds her the offer of marriage still stands!
  • Victor gives EJ and Nicole are a hard time when they show up to his house for Lucas and Chloe's engagement party

Coming Up Next Week (January 19 - 23):

  • The real John returns
  • Nicole discovers Sami's secret
  • Chloe gets an audition in Vancouver, but will she go?

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Watching the sands fall through the hourglass is more interesting than this show (ty J!)