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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.12.08


It's Natty Week!Natalia Livingston returns to General Hospital this week as a new character, Rebecca. I know I am not the only fan hoping that Rebecca turns out to be a very much alive Emily Quartermaine but so far, she's just Rebecca who has something to do with this crisis about to hit GH. Rebecca MAY be sharing some time with other male residents of PC but Nikolas will be drawn to her and one RUMOR has her helping Nikolas save Nadine. What about Matt? Rebecca and Dr. Hunter share a scene and some are SPECULATING that they have a past.

Speaking of Nadine... Many fans are worried that Natalia's return means Claire Coffee's exit. While it is most likely the end of Nikadine, it APPEARS Claire is safe, for now.

Sonny and Jason... It's war between the former friends and partners. Sonny's latest bride does not help matters. There is still a POSSIBILITY that when all the smoke clears, Sonny and Jason COULD be revealed to be working together.

Mrs. Corinthos better start watching her DVD's somewhere else. First Carly walks in on her, then Carly and Sonny find one that she left laying around and the LATEST is that Kate also walks in on Claudia. Will Kate find out about Claudia's part in Michael's shooting? If she does, which secret will Kate spill? Dante or Michael?

More LuSam unraveling. Lucky and Sam argue this week. Most likely this is that drop from last week... maybe two weeks ago... the one where Lucky is upset that his girlfriend comes to the PCPD to help Spinelli.

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Playing the Z's or getting played? Sam will go to Anthony with a way to run his shipments through Jason's territory without getting caught. Anthony is not a stupid man. Sam used to date Jason, she worked with him saving Jake and she's dated a cop. To me, Anthony always seems to know what's going on. Besides, isn't Sonny the one in charge?

Hospital Crisis... Starts on Friday with Patrick re-telling the events. Then we SHOULD be going back in time to tell the tale of how it all happened. BUT, there MAY be some flash forwards thrown into the flash back.

What about Robin getting benched? The original information MAY have been a little off. Maybe the LATEST is incorrect. Who knows but here's what we've got. Robin is set to be at the benefit in Michael's name. RUMORS had her PPD affecting her medical judgment BUT the LATEST says Patrick is worried for Robin and Emma and sends them home.

Lulu... RUMORS have her needing surgery and Matt performing a risky procedure on her. Who gives him the OK? Nikolas. Tracy is SAID to be falling ill as well. Will she get word to Luke about Lulu before she does? Yes! Luke tells Johnny who busts into GH despite the lockdown.

Is Matt going to look bad? He'll perform the procedure on Lulu despite the risks. He'll be in competition with his big brother for hero status. He's the doctor cutting into the infected patient that releases the biotoxin. So basically, Matt fails at being the number one doc on staff. RUMORS say the infected patient is a dock worker.

Elizabeth falls ill... Liason fans want to know if Jason knows she's sick. He knows she's at GH. It's not clear if he'll know the toxin has affected her. Elizabeth becoming sick SEEMS to be a LL2 story.

Is something happening that will upset Liason fans?
That's a RUMOR out there. Could this be it? RUMOR has it that Carly falls ill. We've scooped that before. With both Carly and Elizabeth sick from the crisis/toxin, would Liason fans be upset if Jason broke into the hospital to see Carly and not Elizabeth?


Secrets and Death... That seems to be the theme of this "stunt." Trevor is a RUMORED casualty and these RUMORS say he dies with his jaw flapping and spilling secrets.

Lulu borrows cash from her cousin. Someone's got to pay the rent. Ric confides in Claudia. Spencer Family time in the snow. Johnny lies to Claudia after making a deal with his new brother-in-law. Will Jax find out about Dante? Will Claudia? Is Alan appearing to Monica again? Robin tries to call Robert and Anna. Rebecca rents Robin's apartment. Does the FBI need the very man they tried to take down?