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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny vs Jason: I just don’t understand why Sonny thinks he can push Jason over and over again and not face repercussions. Yes, Sonny is delusional and yes everything is about him and whatever he wants, but I would think that having spent the past, what, 12 years working with Jason and seeing him be “stone cold” when it comes to dealing with a threat, that he would be smarter than to antagonize Jason. Unless he thinks Jason would never take him out because Jason’s “too nice”, but still. When you’re at the zoo, you don’t shove your fingers into the bear’s cage unless you want him to bite them off. And Claudia needs to stop with the “he stole your children” crap, since it’s none of her beeswax and she’s got her share of responsibility since it was Micheal’s shooting that started this whole mess in the first place.

I’m actually hoping the writers are duping us all and we find out that Jason and Sonny have been working together all along, to get the Zacharas. But then again, in my little fantasy GH, Claudia and Ric have been working together all along to get Sonny, so what do I know!!

Spixie: I was kind of disappointed that the greatness that was Friday, didn’t continue today. I loved that Maxie smacked little Miss Federal Agent. “It was my first field operation and I feel so bad, boo hoo hoo”. Ah, shut up. But I wasn’t happy with Maxie getting all up in Agent Rainer’s face. I get that she’s worried, but when KS does that shrill thing with her voice, it tends to grate a little. Nice to see both Diane and Alexis worried for the little Jackal, but as much as I love Spinelli, he does do criminal things for a criminal and he does need a wake up call. Just saying.

CarJax: Fine, they’re back together, but if he accepts it the next time she chases after Sonny or Jason (and she will) then he’s an idiot who deserves what he gets. Also, I call bull on that whole, “we had lots of wonderful times together” because I don’t remember seeing all that wonderful stuff onscreen.

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Nadine/Nik: Oy, that needs to all end soon.

Liz/Lucky: I like the cute little family moment, but I don’t want them getting back together at warp speed. Hear that show. Slow them down.