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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I’m not a fan of the mob or of Jason, so I actually enjoyed Agent Raynor squeezing him for info. Now, I’m sure all this good stuff will end and the writers will make it so that the FBI are just as incompetent as Mac and the Port Charles PD and somehow, Jason the almighty will triumphantly leap tall buildings in a single bound with Spinelli on one hip and Sonny on the other. For now, I can sit and enjoy Jason trying to get out of poop for crimes that he, you know, committed.

Jason/Carly: I’m not sure how I felt about that scene. On the one hand, I’ve got to give her credit for having the backbone to finally say no to Jason, even though I’m sure the curiosity was burning a hole in her brain. At the same time, for the infinite number of times that she has run to Jason for one of her many, many problems which he’s helped her with and this one time he comes to her and she’s not willing to help him.

Spixie: I like that they talked it out and she apologized for what she said and that she said it because she was jealous. I hate that Spin feels responsible if Jason gets in trouble.

Scrubs: I’ve personally never known someone who’s had postpartum depression, but I always thought the person behaved in a depressed manner all the time. With Robin, she’s sort of behaving all over the place, sad, angry, upset, happy, chipper and I’m curious if that’s actually an accurate portrayal of the condition.

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Stupid line of the day #1:

Sonny to Anthony:
“I think things through. I wait for the right moment.”

Well sure, except for that pesky time when you thought Johnny kidnapped Michael or that time you thought Johnny shot Kate. Or that time you thought Karpov shot Kate. Or that time you shot Karpov.

Stupid line of the day #2:

Sonny to Claudia: “Jason couldn’t have picked a worse time to take a stand.”

Yeah, how dare he not lay down and let Sonny walk all over him. I hate when Sonny makes me side with Jason.