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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.13.08

Not much to dish on today. Could it be GH trying to plug up any holes where SPOILERS may be spilling out? It's typical with General Hospital whenever a stunt is about to occur, SPOILERS trickle in at a very slow pace.

Patrick has the impending disaster to contend with. Remember he'll be in charge when Monica goes down because of the toxin.

Is Carly asking the same thing Sonny just asked? According to the SCOOP, Carly wants to know if there is anything Patrick can do to help Michael. Jason is worried that Carly is getting her hopes up. What else are Carly and Patrick POSSIBLY talking about? Robin. Carly goes to invite Robin to the benefit and she notices something is off with the new mom. Jason and Patrick scene? It's RUMORED to be happening.

Do Jason and Agent Rayner have a deal? Maybe. It definitely seems that Jason will choose to save the Jackal's butt as Sonny once again uses his favorite word, betrayal. Guza's greatest pairing of Sonny and Jason is on rocky ground. Will he really break them up? Every soap couple comes to an end; are Sonny and Jason victims of this?


Who are these guys? New mobsters? Equinox? Government? Do we really care?

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Spixie! Now that Maxie has been proven right about Winnie, where do they go from here? Spinelli is a little down in the dumps over all that's happening. He was taken for a fool and put Jason in a bad spot. But what about Spixie? Maxie still used sex and Spinelli to get what she wanted. That doesn't change just because she was right about Winnie. Matt and Maxie have scenes coming up. Robin notices the "spark" between her brother-in-law and her cousin. Matt asks Maxie to be his date to the benefit.

Where are my Skate fans? RUMORS have the couple having a reunion of sorts. They MAY be spending some time together during the crisis. Kate is sitting on secrets though and we all know Sonny does not like being left in the dark.

Claudia and Ric... They better be careful, Sonny almost catches his brother and wife in bed together.

Is the Jax and Nikolas battle over or just forgotten? RUMOR has it that it will pop back up. Nikolas won't let Jax take over Spoon Island, there are too many memories of Emily there.

Remember to check the comments. I'll update if anything else gets dropped.