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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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It's a mid-week spoiler update, yep, that's right, I've got actual rumors and spoilers that might interest you...


John and Marlena: Dr. Taylor learns that both John and Marlena know she withheld information about John's memory return. Thinking Marlena was the one who accessed her files, Charlotte goes to confront (ie. attack!) her with a syringe filled with nasties. John shows up just in time and accidentally gets the needle full of toxic drugs instead. He suffers a major stroke, but with Marlena by his side, he eventually comes to and tah-dah! Memories return! Bad news is the drugs/stroke leave him paralyzed from the neck down; the good news is the eyebrows are back! That's a fact! John and Marlena reunite - I've even heard rumors of marriage, but spoilers are ambiguous - they say goodbye to Salem and fly off into the sunset somewhere for John's treatment. Never mind Sami's still in the safehouse and about to give birth.

Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla: The online RUMOR/SPOILER is that Bo has a "vision" of Hope firing a gun - not altogether unusual for someone working for the Salem PD. Then Bo "sees" a death in the family. Thinking the shot Hope fires receives retaliation of some sort, he tries to move her off her case, but she refuses. They have issues over trust because of the visions. Then Bo "sees" Hope shooting someone... Kayla! At the same time, Bo keeps Steve in the loop with all these visions, and the two of them work towards keeping Hope and Kayla apart.

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Sami/Nicole: Both Dena Higley and Ken Corday revealed in their 2009 Days preview interviews that Sami will give birth to a baby girl - aww another sister for Johnny! Nicole's baby "arrives" first however, and she will also "welcome" a baby girl. For those curious, Sami's portrayer, Alison Sweeney, did a lot of pre-taping of her scenes before she had little Megan (congrats!), so she wont be offscreen as much as you might think.

Interested to hear your thoughts on these spoilers - especially the John and Marlena exit, and the upcoming storyline for Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla.

Thanks to Revafan001 for the Steve and Kayla tip!