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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The writers turned Lucky into a giant A-hole of giant A-hole proportions. For once Sam has a brilliant idea, getting her PI’s license, something that I believe she’d be good at and Lucky has to poop all over it with his, “why didn’t you talk to me about it first” crap. They’re barely dating, but she has to run something like this past him, like she has to ask his permission? Gah, I hate when this show makes me hate one of my favourites.

I do love that Alexis was cool and supportive about Sam’s decision. I’m hoping Sam follows through, gets her license and opens up shop with Spinelli. There’s a gold mine there.

Scrubs: Is it just me, or did that house look an awful lot like the set they used for LiRic’s panic room house? I seem to remember those glass book shelf doors around the fireplace, with Liz opening that door, pressing the button and then door of the panic room opening on Tamara Braun’s Carly. Just me? If it is the same set, the irony that it’s the house next door to Liz’s is too much! And I’m hoping Robin’s postpartum depression doesn’t mess this up because I actually like the idea of these guys being each other’s neighbours.

Kudos to Steve Burton in the Carly/Jason scene, because Jason all jittery like he had ants crawling on his skin was well done. It made it very real to me that he’s struggling with this decision of Sonny versus Spinelli and I still love that Agent Raynor showed up and demanded more from him. Jason between a rock and a hard place makes me laugh, at least, for the time being.

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I love Megan Ward, and I like Kate (some of the time!), but her showing up in Sonny’s house, in Sonny’s room, in Claudia’s face, was a no-no for me. I’m no big Claudia fan, but she’s married to Sonny and if she wants to snoop in his room or roll around in mud in his bathroom or eat potato chips on his desk, she’s allowed to. Kate had no business there. I find it so hard to understand why, after weeks of not seeing her onscreen, we now have her showing up unannounced, getting all up in Claudia’s face and claiming to still love Sonny. All that, despite being shot twice and essentially dumped by him when he married Claudia, to sneaking around in the backyard spying on Claudia. That’s really all she has to do all day? That’s really the story they’ve given her?

As for Claudia, why hasn’t she ransacked the house and gotten all the DVDs already? Why is she searching for them one at a time, based on Jerry’s insipid clues? Other people in the house have time to find them before she gets around to it. Not to beat a dead horse, but going back to the living room to watch the stupid thing just makes my head explode.

JoLu: Really Johnny? You're going to lie and say you work at the hospital and you don't think she'll want to stop by on one of her many, many breaks to see you? Oy, my head hurts with those two as well. Is McDonald's not hiring right now?