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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.14.09


Be sure to check out the montage for the crisis kicking off on the 15th! Is that a DVD in Kate's hand? Is that the secret Kate spills? Claudia better watch it. Kate's a woman scorned and Claudia married the man Kate was supposed to be with.

Sonny and Jason... I'm generally bored with GH right now but this whole turn in Sonny to save Spinelli storyline would be good if we didn't already know that Spin will be fine, Sonny won't go to jail and Jason will skate through this as always. That's what bores me. Could the middle be good? Sure, I suppose anything is possible. According to SPOILERS, Jason is taking the deal but will he save Sonny in the process?

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Jason's new role as FBI Informant... Anyone buying it? I'm reserving judgment as I love Mark Pinter's addition to the cast. Jason needs Bernie to provide him with as much information on Anthony Z. that they can come up with. The two men in yesterday's SPOILERS MAY be terrorists dealing in biotoxins.

The Four Deaths... Yes the RUMOR is that four deaths will occur. As it stands currently, those four APPEAR to be Leyla, Trevor and two day players.

Spixie troubles... As I mentioned yesterday, while Maxie was right not to trust Winnie, she still used Spinelli and sex to get what she wanted. Now, yesterday's show had the two making amends but a little embarrassment goes a long way and Spinelli was played for a fool by both Maxie and Winnie. Add to that, Spinelli was sprung as Jason made a huge sacrifice. The Jackal is having a hard time and there SHOULD still be trouble ahead for Spixie. Maxie accepts Matt's invitation to the benefit. Dr. Hunter is called away and Maxie SHOULD be spending most of her time with Lulu.


Matt flirts with Rebecca. The new character with the familiar face hits Port Chuck on Thursday when Rebecca goes to GH to apply for a job. One RUMOR is that Rebecca is an X-ray tech named Rebecca Shaw. Remember, there's a RUMOR that Rebecca is working for the bad guys.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Sam wants to be a P.I. Alexis supports her, Lucky does not. Johnny lies to Lulu when he tells her he got a job at GH as an orderly. Spin tries to hack into the FBI. Olivia gets involved in the battle between Nikolas and Jax. Carly goes after Anthony. Claudia gets the info she wants out of Ric. Sonny wonders what is up with his wife.